In the blink of an eye


I remember my senior year of high school, eagerly waiting for the next stage of my life to begin, when everyone told me that college would be the best years of my life and that the years pass too fast. But I didn’t believe them. 

Ever since I was a little girl, CBC was my dream. I fell in love with the campus as a toddler and would often be eager to be sick during school so I could spend the day on campus with my dad. I could not wait to be there. I walked into Bruce Hall in August of 2013 and I immediately felt at home. Four years later and that feeling is still there. Over the past four years, CBC has seen some of my highest highs in life, but it’s also seen some of my lowest lows. It’s seen the joy, the tears, and the growth in me. The students, faculty, and staff have walked beside me and prayed for me through all stages of life during the past four years. And through it all, this school has become my family, who has been constant encouragers. In fact, last week I received a phone call with my first “big girl” job offer. As I walked back into the gym for Hall Wars, the place erupted in clapping, cheering, and chanting because I had accepted a job. I love this place—this home. 

But I blinked. And just like everyone said—the best four years of my life flew by. Sitting just a couple days away from graduation, I’ve never experienced such a bittersweet phase of my life. I’m so excited to go out into my work place and community to represent CBC as a former student. However, the thought of leaving the home that I love breaks my heart.

I wholeheartedly thank CBC for helping form me and grow me into the person I am today—for challenging me and inspiring me. I know that the school has made a lasting impression on my heart and I’m so grateful to be known as a Central Baptist College alumnus. I am forever thankful for my CBC home.

Written by: CBC Senior Education Major, Addie

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