Correspondence Courses

Bible 1300:   Survey of the Old Testament
Old Testament history from the creation to the post-exilic era. 3 hours. Collateral reading assignment required.  ICI. They Spoke From God, $45.
Bible 1301:   Survey of the New Testament
Brief review of Inter-Biblical period and survey of Christianity during the first century. 3 hours. ICI. New Testament Survey, $40.
Bible 2300:   Life of Christ
An analysis of the life of Christ as revealed in the four gospels. 3 hours. T he Words and Works of Jesus Christ, $33. 
Bible 3300:   The Pentateuch
The first five books of the Bible. 3 hours. ICI. God Spake by Moses, $15.
Bible 3301:   Old Testament Historical Books
A Survey of the Old Testament history from Joshua through Esther. 3 hours. ICI. The Historical Books, $15. 
Bible 4356:   I Corinthians
A verse-by-verse analysis of the Corinthian epistle. 3 hours. ICI. The First Epistle to the Corinthians, (Text Rental) $25.
Bible 4360:   Revelation

Detailed analysis of the entire book with prophetic application of various symbols employed in the imagery. 3 hours. The Revelation of Jesus Christ, $15. 
History 4304:   Arkansas History
Development of Arkansas as a state with attention given the development of Southern institutions and treatment of Arkansas as a minor of the greater happenings in the nation itself.  3 hours.  Arkansas A Narrative History, (Text Rental) $25. Arkansas A People and their Reputation, (Text Rental) $25. Limited Enrollment.         
Pastoral Studies 4305: Basic Church Growth
A survey of the basic principles of church growth. 3 hours. ICI.  Understanding Church Growth , $35. Project Required.
Religious Education 2300: Principles and Practices of Teaching
This course provides practical instruction for the teaching ministry of the church. 3 hours. Collateral reading assignment required. ICI. Creative Bible Teaching, $35.
Sociology 2300:   Introductory Sociology
The origin and development of society, institutions, and functions of human groups.  3 hours.  Collateral reading assignment required. ICI. Society: Myths and Realities: An Introduction to Sociology, $60.
Theology 2300:   Christian Doctrine

Major, fundamental doctrines of the Bible. 3 hours. Christian Doctrine, (Text Rental) $25.
Theology 3314: Apologetics
A study of the  relationship of faith and knowing.  To encourage faith in and obedience to the God of the Christian Scriptures. 3 hours. ICI. A Christian Appeal to Reason, $35; and   Know Why You Believe , $16.


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