Vision 2020 is a plan to complete ten major construction projects in ten years to accommodate an enrollment of 2020 students.  Phase One includes three major new

construction projects: an academic building, a library and learning commons, and a residence hall. 

Project #1, the David T. Watkins Academic Building, was completed in the summer of 2012. 

Project #2 is a library and learning commons!  This project was completed in the spring of 2014!


Project #3 will be a new Residence Hall.  This project, facing west on Conway Boulevard, is scheduled to open in time for new student move-in day on August 16th this fall.  The 150-bed resident hall will be the first housing project on the CBC campus in 49 years.


Other projects of Vision 2020: 

                                                                    Ron V. Mitchell Lecture Hall

                                                               Brittney Parrish Memorial Garden


To view more information about the new David T. Watkins Academic Building


To view more information about the new Library and Learning Commons


To View More Information about the new Ronald V. Mitchell Lecture Hall