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Concurrent In-Class Courses August 20-December 13

NOTE: Biology and College Algebra courses require a lab.

Biology: When enrolling in Biology, you must enroll in the corresponding Biology Lab.
       BIO 1400-01 Biology for Gen Ed   8:00-8:50   MWF

       BIO 1400-02 Biology Lab 1          11:00-11:50 MWF
       BIO 1400-03 Biology Lab 2          8:00-9:15    TTH

       BIO 1400-04 Biology for Gen Ed  9:00-9:50  MWF
       BIO 1400-06 Biology Lab 4           9:25-10:40 TTH    

College Algebra: You can enroll in any Algebra Lab regardless of which College Algebra course you take.

A minimum ACT subscore of 19 is required if enrolling in Composition I and/or College Algebra.

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Concurrent In-Class College Algebra Courses

Concurrent In-Class College Algebra Lab Options

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