Room Dimensions

Dickson Hall

Main Room Dimensions: 12’ x 11’
Private Bath: 6’ x 7’ plus the shower
There is also a vanity with medicine cabinet outside of the private bath that is not included in the room dimensions.
Furniture Provided*:
    • Standard Twin Size Loft Bed
    • Wardrobe with drawers
    • Desk and Chair
    • Chest of Drawers/Night Stand
*All provided furniture must stay in the room. It cannot be moved out


Dickson Hall has commercial vinyl that resembles hardwood flooring. You may bring throw rugs or area rugs with slip resistant backing. Carpet remnants may NOT be used because the backing will damage the flooring. Rugs may NOT be attached to the floor.

Bruce Hall

Room Dimensions: 11’ x 13’ 
Suite Style Bathroom with shower area and separate vanity area.
Furniture Provided*:
    • Standard Twin Size Bed
    • Built in Closet
*The provided bed must stay in the room. You may bring a desk and/or dresser


Bruce Hall has commercial tile. You may bring large rugs or carpet remnants to lay in your rooms but they cannot be attached to the floor in any way. 

What furniture comes in the rooms?

Dickson Hall contains a standard twin size loft bed, a wardrobe with drawers for each resident, a desk and a chest of drawers/night stand for each resident, and private bath.  

Bruce Hall contains a standard twin size bed, a closet for each resident, and a suite style bathroom.