Residence Halls FAQ

What is an RA and what do they do?

RAs are Resident Assistants.  They are responsible for enforcing policies outlined in the Student Handbook, enforcing curfew, clean room checks, and handling general maintenance concerns.

Are private rooms available?

Yes, dependant upon availability. Priority is given to upperclassmen and then private rooms are assigned as needed. An additional cost per semester is charged for private rooms.

Do the residence halls have washers and dryers?

Yes, washing machines and dryers are located in each residence hall.  You just need to bring your own laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

Do the residence halls have a curfew?


  Monday night-Thursday curfew: 12:00 midnight
Student Life Leaders will check rooms at curfew Monday through Thursday nights. Each resident should be in his/her room at this time. After the room is checked, the resident is free to go anywhere in the residence hall.

Friday-Sunday curfew: no curfew, unless on-campus.
Although there is not a curfew on Friday and Sunday nights, if students are on campus grounds either night, they must be in the residence halls by 12:00 midnight. Once they are in the building they must stay in the building.

The residence hall doors are equipped with a card access system that records each entry into the building. These records are checked by each Resident Director.

What is residence life like in the halls?

The residence halls are a great place to develop life-long friendships. Each residence hall RA (Resident Assistant) offers various Bible studies, monthly worship services, study groups, game nights, weekend programs and many other activities. The RAs are active in facilitating and participating in these events. Whether you just want to relax in one of the lobby couches or join in one of the crazy game nights, there is a place for you to be involved.

What can I bring with me for my room?

  • Coffee maker
  • Small refrigerator: 3.7 cubic feet or smaller
  • Microwave
  • Decorations for the wall (hung with sticky tack only)
  • Carpet to lay down

What items are not allowed in the Residence halls?

  • Open element appliances (toasters, toaster ovens, space heaters, electric grills, etc.)
  • Halogen lamps
  • Sun lamps
  • Candles, incense or lighter fluid
  • Paint
  • Attach anything to outside of room door
  • Attach carpet to the floor
  • Decorations outside of CBC guidelines
  • Pets of any type (this does include fish)

What type of security do the Residence Halls have?

Students living in Residence Halls are issued access cards that enable them to enter the halls in which they live. No one can enter the residence halls without an access card. Individual keys are issued for each room within the residence halls. The perimeter of each building has security cameras and the adjoining parking lots are well lit. Additionally, campus security officers patrol campus during key hours at night seven nights a week.