Student Activities Board

The Central Baptist College Student Activities Board (SAB) strives to embody the college community by developing programs that entertain, educate, and enrich the spiritual and social lives of students.
Members are committed to providing a variety of recreational activities in a welcoming environment, are given the opportunity to achieve personal growth, develop leadership skills, and build new relationships. SAB members endeavor to live above reproach, focused on Christ in every aspect of life.
The Student Activities Board is comprised of two co-chairs appointed by the Assitant Director of Student Servicecs, student representatives from each student organization and other student represented groups, and four students chosen by the SAB members. If interested in becoming involved in SAB, contact the Assistant Director of Student Services.
The entire board meets once a month for the purpose of planning, developing teamwork and leadership skills while having fun and getting to know each other. The individual committees of SAB will have additional meetings as necessary. SAB includes six committees that focus to meet specific needs of the campus.


Plans events that include community service projects as well as spiritual based activities.

Issues & Ideas

Planning and facilitating events that lead student to think about the world around them and their place in it.


Captures pictures of campus activities on film, translates the pictures into displays on campus and/or scrapbooks.

Mustang Motivators

Planning and running low-budget, fun events that are limited only to the imaginations of the students on the committee.


Keeps the campus aware and enthusiastic about upcoming campus activities, uses his/her creative energy and interesting ideas to make the campus aware of all SAB activities.

Special Events

Plans and prepares for big events on campus such as Aquamania and Homecoming.