Welcome to the Horizon Business Association  -  "A New Day In Business"
Matthew 5:16 - "Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your God who is in heaven." (NASV)

The Horizon Business Association was founded on the campus of Central Baptist College in 2006.  Its mission is to equip members with an appreciation and practical understanding of business and business-related issues through emphasis on God's Word.
Recent surveys have demonstrated a very disturbing truth: Americans no longer trust businesspeople. And who can blame them? Recent accounting scandals have left millions of Americans asking the question, "What's gone wrong with business?"
We think we know the answer to that question. Like every other aspect of modern society, God has been excluded from the picture. The natural result of this course of action is now being felt throughout the country. It's time for a return to the Bible. After all, business and God's principles are not mutually exclusive.

The Scoop...

The Horizon Business Association is a student organization for the 21st Century. We focus less on meetings where little gets accomplished and more on developing our members into effective Christian business leaders. We do this through enjoyable interactive learning experiences that take place throughout the year. Our members can anticipate field trips to a variety of locations to see how business really works. They also enjoy interesting guest speakers, business simulations and other activities that strengthen one's business education. For HBA, the world is our laboratory!

The Goals of HBA...

  1. To honor God through a commitment to excellence and learning.
  2. To honorably represent Central Baptist College before internal and external stakeholders.
  3. To build effective, competent servant leaders.
  4. To develop a practical understanding of business through interactive learning experiences.
  5. To instill an appreciation for business.
  6. To establish relationships with members of the local business community.
  7. To build lasting friendships with people who share similar interests and goals.


All students of Central Baptist College interested in the study of business are encouraged to join HBA. This invitation is especially extended to the college's business majors.
If you're interested in joining us, simply contact a member of the association or drop by the office of Bro. Medenwald to inquire. We're excited about your decision!

The Challenge Coin...

One unique feature to the HBA is the Challenge Coin. Upon joining the association, members will be given an attractive coin which they are asked to carry with them at all times. The coin holds some neat perks - so don't delay, join the HBA today!  

Benefits of HBA...

  1. Honor God through your commitment to excellence, self-improvement and business reform.
  2. Establish friendships with people who share your interests and goals.
  3. Reinforce classroom learning with exciting interactive learning activities.
  4. Meet and network with local  businesspeople.
  5. Demonstrate involvement and leadership to future employers.
  6. Take advantage of the many perks HBA offers, to include special member privileges, fun fellowships, business awards and graduate recognition.  

Chris Medenwald  -  Horizon Business Association Sponsor

Cooper Complex - KB107     
(501) 329-6872 Ext. 161