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Student-Led Discipleship Program Leaders Announced


Central Baptist College is pleased to announce that the student leaders for the Fall 2019 discipleship program are Kaylyn Shankle and Gage Spriggs. The discipleship program is a student-led program facilitated through Director of Church Relations, Duffy Guyton. All students are invited to attend an informational event and sign up to participate in a D-Group on Wednesday, September 4 at 2:00pm in front of the Burgess Auditorium.

When asked what his and Shankle’s heart is concerning student-led discipleship at Central Baptist College, Spriggs said, “It wasn’t an opportunity that was handed to us, we saw a need for it. Kaylyn and I have both been influenced by Discipleship…We want to encourage intimacy with God. We want those that we are discipling to be able to read the Word and walk with Him on their own. We also want to create brotherhood and sisterhood because we see that community is super, super important. The incredible thing is that almost everyone that is led to Jesus is led through community.”

Shankle added that: “We also want to remind students that being with God isn’t just studying at church or going to church on Sunday, Wednesday and then going home. Having a relationship with God is an everyday relationship. Nothing that we go through is something that we go through alone because we are a family.” Spriggs and Shankle both expressed a desire to have everyone they disciple become disciple makers, as it says in Matthew 28:18-20.

“The [informational] event on [September 4] is going to allow us to open up a door to students to help them understand what it’s like to be discipled,” said Shankle. The event will take place immediately following the regular Wednesday chapel service.

When asked what the ultimate goal for D-Groups are, Spriggs responded: “To make disciple makers. We want to create a space in the heart of those [being] discipled that it is okay to share what’s going on inside [their] hearts and in [their] lives. It’s become very easy for us to become closed in our hearts and through this, we want to create an openness so that their life can be changed and they can be healed through the Holy Spirit. We hope that those involved will encourage others to pursue discipleship.”

For more information about student-led discipleship at Central Baptist College contact Duffy Guyton, Director of Church Relations, at

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