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A Christ-Centered Environment


My name is Lauren Crawley and I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Texas. I moved five hours from my home in the fall of 2012 to begin my freshman year at CBC. Today, my husband Caleb and I live in Conway and I serve the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association as Lifeword’s Director of Church Connections.

Ephesians 3:20

When you step foot into the Watkins Academic building you will notice Ephesians 3:20 clearly written on the wall, “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to His power that is at work in us.”  I can certainly testify to this truth as it perfectly sums up my journey to CBC.

A New Direction

Since the eighth grade my plan was to become a student at Texas A&M University following in my brother’s footsteps. After being accepted in the fall of my senior year, I began trying to recruit my friends to join me. Little did I know The Lord was working behind the scenes to point me in a new direction. Fast forward to January of my senior year and I began having second thoughts wondering if I should have been more open minded with my college decision.

I Never Gave CBC a Second Thought

I was familiar with CBC after getting my free t-shirt each year at the SOAR conference, but my mind was set on Texas A&M I never gave CBC a second thought. With graduation quickly approaching, I found that the more I prayed about college the more CBC would come to mind. Coincidence? Not a chance. I finally decided to apply and quickly noticed and appreciated the personal relationship I felt with the team in Admissions.

Everyone I Met on Campus was Friendly

Former Director of Admissions Jonathan Wilson reached out encouraging me to tour campus and promised it would be worthwhile. Along with providing information, Jonathan expressed the importance of going where The Lord was leading whether that was to CBC or elsewhere. I appreciated his authenticity and it spoke volumes. From the professors to maintenance staff – everyone I met on campus was friendly and I quickly saw the advantages of being a student on a small campus.

The Perfect Fit for Me

After the personal tour and countless prayers, I realized that although this was a major change of plans, I had peace knowing this was indeed the perfect fit for me. CBC quickly became my second home. No, CBC did not have a Chick-Fil-A on campus or a massive recreational facility like the one I loved at the larger university, but for what CBC was able to offer me meant much more.

My Favorite CBC Experience

Besides the cafeteria’s infamous Oreo cookies, one of my favorite parts of my CBC experience was serving as a Student Life Leader/Resident Assistant for two years. Through serving students on campus in this capacity, I was stretched to become more of the servant leader God has called me to be. Much more than enforcing dress code and performing curfew checks, being an RA was all about the relationships. I was given a wide-open door into the lives of 40+ girls with opportunities to love, listen, pray and walk alongside these friends in a pivotal season of their lives. By God’s grace, He opened my eyes to see this as the opportunity it was for ministry rather than simply viewing my role as a job. Along with learning leadership and organizational skills, I learned what it meant to be intentional in building and maintaining relationships.

Psychology and Counseling with a Minor in Missions

I graduated in December of 2015 with my Bachelors in Psychology and Counseling with a minor in Missions. Soon after graduation I accepted a position as a Personal Admissions Counselor and worked alongside the best team who felt a lot like family. This job often felt surreal since I was getting paid to share how The Lord used CBC in my life! I am thankful I was given this opportunity to “give back” to the school that greatly impacted who I am today.

A Passion for People and a Heart for Ministry

My years at CBC instilled in me a passion for people and a heart for ministry like the one I am blessed to serve in today. I am thankful for each professor, staff member and friends who invested into my life and pointed me to Jesus.

Have an Open Mind

High school students, I encourage you to have an open mind when it comes to choosing a college. Attend the college fairs, take information from various schools, go on multiple campus tours and try to picture YOU there as a student. Take the time to figure out what you are really wanting in a college and pray for God to give you wisdom as you make this decision. If growing your faith, building lifelong friendships and earning your degree in a Christ-centered environment sounds appealing…then CBC just may be a great fit for YOU!

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