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Academic Excellence in Biology


Associate Professor of Biology in the Math and Science Department of Central Baptist College Dr. Miseon Seong has a passion to connect with students and teach them with Academic Excellence in Biology.

South Korea to the USA

Miseon was born and raised in South Korea. After she earned a BS and MS in Biology at KonKuk University in Seoul, she moved to the USA and earned a PhD in Biology at Texas A&M University. She joined Central Baptist College as a full-time faculty member in the fall of 2013.

Research Interest in Developmental Genetics

Dr. Seong’s main research interest is in developmental genetics using Arabidopsis as a model organism. She currently teaches Genetics, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Immunology, Current Issues in Biology, Medical Terminology, Special Problems in Science, and Ecology.

Connecting the Classroom to Career Fields

Dr. Seong often invites people who work in various biological fields to her classes to help students relate the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to current career fields. She has taken students to UAMS for experiments and tours of their core facilities as a field trip because she has developed good relationships with professors at other colleges and universities. Dr. Seong has also taken students to other schools so that they will learn about the equipment they have and the research they are doing.

Students Encouraged to Research and Present

Students in Dr. Seong’s classes are encouraged to attend academic conferences and apply for summer research programs. This past spring her students had a great opportunity to present their work at the “undergraduate STEM research Posters-at-the-Capitol event” in Little Rock.

CBC Students presenting at the State Capitol in Little Rock, AR.

In the Biology Lab

Dr. Seong desires to get her students to engage in the biology lab. Her students write lab reports following the format of a journal article and are required to present their experiments to their classmates. She asks students challenging questions that they must really contemplate, which stretches them to apply the knowledge that they are learning. Dr. Seong helps her students take a deep dive into the topic to make sure they fully grasp the concepts.


Dr. Seong has contributed to the following publications over the years.

Pepper AE, Seong-Kim M, Hebst SM, Ivey KN, Kwak S (2001) shl, a new set of Arabidopsis mutants with exaggerated developmental responses to available Red, Far-Red, and Blue light. Plant Physiol 127: 295-304.

Lee H, Kim Y, Jeon J, Seong M, Jang I (1994) Variation of the germination responses to temperature of Plantago asiatica seed population along altitude in Mt. Chiri. Korean J. Ecol 17 (4): 485-499.

Lee H, Seong M, Ryu B (1994) Germination responses of Echinocloa crus-galli seeds to temperature. Korean J. Ecol 17 (3): 367-378.

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