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My name is Julian Dominquez and I grew up in Saline County and graduated from Bryant High School in 1990.

My CBC Journey

At the time, I was a member of Temple Baptist Church in Little Rock and that was how I was introduced to Central Baptist College. I had originally planned to attend a nearby university, but after being offered a Presidential Scholarship based on my ACT score it was a no-brainer to enroll at CBC. I can still remember taking a day out of high school to come enroll and fill out paperwork and hanging out in the old guys’ dorm which would soon be my home for the next few years.

A Change of Plans

It was halfway through my first semester that I thought God was calling me to preach. I had never really considered that as a career path before but decided to devote myself to it and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Bible with a Pastoral Studies emphasis in 1995. However, it was after I had completed my summer internship prior to graduation that I really understood that God had not in fact called me to be in full time ministry. So, after playing softball all summer long, I started a temporary job with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. I have worked in the healthcare industry, medical billing and coding arena, for the last 25 years.

Home Away from Home

My family bought a home on Lake Conway a few years ago and we have thoroughly enjoyed being less than 10 minutes away from the CBC campus. I am a regular attender of most CBC athletic games and fine arts concerts. As the outgoing CBC Alumni Association President, I have been able to bring some of my campus life experiences to the newest generation of Mustangs. Many of my favorite times while I was a student involved sitting around a table in the cafeteria or a booth in the old student center and just building lifelong friendships and relationships with many different folks.

Life Preparation

CBC prepared me for life in so many ways. In my career, I learned to be more open-minded and considerate of the people that worked in the office with me. Seeing people as more than just a co-worker, but as people in need of God’s love and grace just as much as I am. This helps to eliminate a lot of the typical drama and stress normally found in those work environments. While not in a full-time ministry position, through the years I have served as a youth worker volunteer, Sunday School teacher for a variety of age groups, led preaching services for senior citizen groups, and currently help lead children’s worship for fourth through eighth grade students at South City Church in Little Rock.

Forever Grateful

I would not be able to do a fraction of the ministry I have done without the training and education I received during my time at Central Baptist College. The sound biblical and theological studies combined with the real-world practical application provided me a solid foundation, that time and experience has enhanced. Even though God did not call me to a ministry career, I firmly believe that He calls each one of us to a lifetime of ministry for His Kingdom. For this reason, I can think of no better place for a college student to not only learn all the math, science and history that CBC offers, but the rich Bible courses. Along with, relationship building that is utterly unique to this campus. I will be forever grateful and indebted to the school for the great impact it has had on my life and that of my entire family.

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