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My name is Timothy Lewis and I am proud to call myself an Alumni of CBC. I currently live in Forsyth, MO with my wife Yaffah and our 2 boys, Tarron and Kalel. I teach Preschool in Theodosia, MO at Lutie Preschool. I am fulfilling the calling that God has placed on my life by continuing to be a minister to children.

My Calling

When I entered CBC in the fall of 2003, I knew that I wanted to teach Kindergarten. At the time CBC did not offer a Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Science in Education. While attending CBC chapel my freshman year, God saved my soul. Then the following summer he called me to full time ministry, working with children. I received my Associate of Arts in education and then had an important decision to make. To stay at CBC and switch degrees or transfer to an institution that offered an Education degree.  I chose to follow my calling of full-time ministry and continued attending CBC.

Completing my Degree

During my final years of college, I worked for a summer camp nearby and met my beautiful boss, who would become my beautiful wife. I received my Bachelor of Science for Leadership in Ministry through the PACE program in the fall of 2011. I tell people that I went from being full time, to part time, to as I found the time. I always end with “…but I finished my degree and that’s what matters the most”.

My Journey to CBC

I grew up as a preacher’s kid in the BMA. My father has pastored a BMA church for over 28 years. My grandfather was also a BMA pastor for over 50 years. My entire family have attended at least one semester at CBC. CBC is where my parents met. CBC is also where my siblings met their spouses. CBC was really the only college I was interested in attending. I knew that I wanted to be in a college that taught the TRUTH, not man’s opinion. My favorite spiritual moments are too numerous to count. I saw so many lives touched for eternity while attending. God was always working around me. My favorite chapel must be when Bob spoke to the school using his braille Bible. I am just so thankful he opened my eyes to my need for him.

My CBC Experience

My favorite memory of CBC was when I was elected the Student Government President. I had the honor of serving all the students and promoting fun and exciting ways of celebrating our school year. My favorite event to host was AquaMania and I also absolutely loved the talent shows. I also loved being a “Bleacher Creature” at all the home Basketball games. I loved dorm life and campus life. Not a day went by that I didn’t play at least one game of ping pong in the student center.

My Career Start

I took part in a tutoring program at a local elementary school. This allowed me to step into my first classrooms in a public-school setting as an observer. I worked one on one with a young man in reading recovery. This was my first experience with student teaching. Little did I realize that God had planned for my dream to become a reality when I moved to another state.

Full-Time Ministry

After graduating, I worked at a camp, where I met my wife, until God closed the door there. Then God moved us to the Arkansas Baptist Boys Ranch for a few years. We housed 24 teenage boys in 2 years. After leaving the boys ranch, we moved to Branson, MO. I was employed by the local school district as a substitute teacher and finally I became a full time paraprofessional. During my time as a paraprofessional I was introduced to a company who allowed me to praxis into my “dream job” by using the bachelor’s degree I had received at CBC. At my first job interview I explained how all the training I had received had not just been in the classroom, but mainly outside the walls of a school. I was handed my first contract and set of keys. The rest is history.

Growing My Faith

CBC to me was a safe place where I was strongly encouraged to seek TRUTH. I was challenged constantly to grown in my faith, not just when I was attending church. I still remember a professor my freshman year telling us to forget everything we know about the Bible and to open it up for ourselves and to discover the TRUTH inside. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was signing my acceptance letter to CBC. Now I encourage others to check out CBC when they are looking for a great college.

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