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CBC Alumni Story


Christian Binganisi

Christian Binganisi is a former wrestler and a 2013 graduate of Central Baptist College. Binganisi is using his faith and his degree to reach people for Christ. ​

Central Baptist College graduates go on to do amazing things all over the world. Christian Binganisi is no exception to that. Binganisi has an amazing story and his time at CBC was extremely valuable to him.

“You have to step out on faith and trust the Lord,” said Binganisi when asked about how he ended up at CBC. “I was sitting at home (in Raleigh) and a friend asked ‘Why are you going there? You have everything you could ever want here.’ I responded by saying ‘I was going because of faith. I’m going there because I believe God wants me there.’

Faith played a huge role in Christian’s life, but before he visited a wrestling forum, he had never heard of CBC. “I was on a wrestling forum online and saw that Central Baptist College was starting a wrestling program in 2010-11. The more I contemplated CBC, after reaching out to Coach Prophete, the more I knew that’s where I needed to be.”


Christian lives in Jacksonville, Fla., with his wife. He created Foster Grad in 2016. Foster Grad is a networking platform that enables college admissions professionals and high school students to create meaningful and continuous engagement.

“My inspiration for starting Foster Grad came from when I went to CBC,” recalled Binganisi. “God changed my life and took me out of the worldly way I was living. I didn’t know where I needed to go. Foster Grad was birthed from the issues that I had applying to and finding a college. Nobody I knew had ever heard of CBC and my perseverance helped me get there. Foster Grad will help students not just get to college but find the right college.”

MY CBC Experience

Binganisi majored in Bible & Business at CBC and described his best experience as: “I really had a great experience in my classes. The amount of attention you get in the smaller classes was really what I needed. It was the best thing for me. It helped me show up to class and I enjoyed the discussions that I had with professors because they were all rooted in Christ. I also enjoyed the camaraderie I had with my wrestling teammates and I really connected with Coach Ken Prophete. He really showed grace and was very personal and showed that he cared about us.”

Binganisi wrestled at CBC from 2010-13 and said that wrestling had a huge influence on what he does now, starting his own business. “Everything comes easier because of wrestling. No matter what challenges I have, it’s never as hard as it was when I was on the mat. In wrestling, you are competing against one other person and how you are conditioned makes a big difference. The hard work is always visible, and you have to take advantage of the moment. Wrestling teaches life skills and how to persevere and rejoice in hardships. Corporate America taught me you will have challenges, but because of wrestling, everything, for me, comes easier.”

When asked what his most valuable lesson he learned at CBC was, Binganisi responded: “You have to step out in faith and trust the Lord. If I never stepped out in faith, I would have never been part of Antioch Baptist Church’s college bible study group and I never would have met my wife. I learned that having blind faith is the epitome of what we are called to do.”

Interested to know more about Christian’s company, Foster Grad? Visit fostergrad.com.

To learn more about Central Baptist College visit cbc.edu/WhyCBC.

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