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CBC Alumni Story


Emily (Coleman) Van Wyk is a 2010 graduate of the Psychology & Social Studies program at Central Baptist College. While attending CBC, she was a member of the Student Orientation Staff and was a member of the first President’s Leadership Council class.

My Journey to CBC

“I heard about CBC from the BMA church I was a member of,” Van Wyk said. “I met some alumni and it felt like family. It felt like a tight knit group and I wanted to have a private Christian college experience, since I attended a public school in high school.”

Emily’s CBC Experience

Van Wyk was not just a member of the first President’s Leadership Council, but also a member of Student Orientation Staff. “I loved SOS because of my experience moving in and the connections that I made,” commented Van Wyk. When asked about her experience on the President’s Leadership Council, she commented: “I got to work with the President and really make an impact at the college. As a member, we sort of laid the groundwork for what the council currently is today. We did a lot of hosting and leading events. We brainstormed ideas and helped plan events about how to make the CBC experience better.”


Van Wyk said, “I loved all the experiences I had. I tried to go to anything that was on campus. I loved living in the residence hall, and I especially loved attending Dr. [Aaron] New’s classes. He had a direct influence on me to go get my Master’s. I didn’t love school, but because I was involved in a lot of things, I got encouraged to challenge myself and do something I wouldn’t have done before.”

Advice for College Students

When asked what advice she would give to college students today, Van Wyk kept it simple: “Explore your options, read the books, and get involved.” Van Wyk currently works as a counselor at an outpatient facility in Bend, Oregon, a position she has held since 2016. After earning her bachelor’s, Van Wyk earned her Master’s in Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Written by Erik Holth, CBC Public Relations Officer.

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