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My name is Chris Vines and I am originally from Buckner, AR. I currently live in Hope, AR where I love and adore my wife, raise two boys, and eat many watermelons! For the past 5 years I have joyfully served as the family and discipleship pastor at Garrett Memorial Baptist Church. One ministry of our church is our k4-12th grade Christian school where I also get to teach Bible and coach golf.  Serving the Lord in Hope was never part of my plan but I am so thankful it has been part of His.

The Journey to CBC

I went to CBC in 2008 and graduated in 2011. Attending CBC became a desire of mine in 9th grade when my high school basketball team used the mustang gym to practice in preparation for our state tournament.  The admissions team at that time took extra time to show me around the campus and tell me why CBC is special.  From that moment, I knew it’s where I wanted to go.  That experience along with the Lord leading me into ministry made my choice to attend CBC very easy.  I knew it would be a place to prepare my heart and mind for ministry and I hoped it would be a place to propel me forward with a network of close friends and faithful mentors.  My hope became a priceless reality that I would not trade for anything.

My CBC Experience

Like those before me and those after me, my CBC experience was filled with countless moments that shaped me in the moment and will stick with me for life.  The people who I shared these moments with are certainly my favorite. I loved the random ultimate frisbee games and the late night “study” sessions before finals.  I’ll always cherish the meaningful conversations that strengthened my faith and the mundane Mondays just hanging in the student center. What makes the CBC experience worth anything is really a matter of “who”.  While my classmates and roommates are a vital part to that, the “who” that remains consistent are those who have dedicated their lives to loving, serving, and educating all those who live and walk on campus. My life is better today because of men like Dr. Slayton and Dr. Porter and Jeff Riddle.

Preparation for Life

The ways in which CBC prepared me for my job at GMBC in Hope are still being realized on a continual basis.  One thing I know is that my constant practice of ping pong in the student center (never during class) has paid off greatly in my relationships with my current students. I can proudly say that I am the reigning champ in our Christian school and will not hesitate to put a new 7th grader in their place!  In all seriousness, CBC did not just prepare me theologically and practically for ministry, but in a very real way. CBC is still preparing me as I consistently draw from the wisdom I gained from men and women who invested their lives in me. They did not just teach me facts but how to think, act, and even react.  Watching men of God in a classroom is great, but CBC offered me the invaluable resource of watching these men interact with their families, churches, and friends.

Connected for Life

When I enrolled as a student over ten years ago, I knew very little and quite honestly, I expected very little.  Today, the number of things I know remains small, but one thing that I am absolutely sure of, is that CBC means I’m connected for life.  I am connected to a family who remains at CBC faithfully serving and loving the next generation.  I am connected to a network of friends who I continue to lean on and learn from.  I am connected to past generations through the common memories that perpetually pass on year after year because CBC is really that kind of place.

Join the Mustang Family

If you are you looking to connect with a college that will change your life forever, like Chris. Visit cbc.edu/WhyCBC to schedule a visit or apply today!

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