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CBC Alumni Story


Danielle Hightower

Danielle was the first ever International Business graduate of CBC in May and received the Servant Leadership award from the business department in April and the Mustang Award in women’s soccer, also in April. She is currently living in Mansfield, Texas and is planning to pursue her master’s degree in International Business and continuing researching how the United States communicates with its international trade partners.

My CBC Experience

“I loved the small college feel I got at CBC,” said Hightower. “CBC allowed me to not only have one-on-one time with my professors, but it provided me with a personal experience.” When asked what her best experience at CBC was, Hightower responded: “Being part of a team. I liked being a hard worker and having to work hard with my teammates. I loved the mentality that we were going to get through everything together.”

Competing as a Mustang

Playing defender in her four seasons, Hightower did not get many opportunities to score goals. She finally got her only career goal on Senior Day, her final home game and described the experience as “the most exciting thing that I’ve ever experienced on a soccer field. It was amazing and an adrenaline rush. Having a leadership role on the field pushed me forward,” said Hightower, when asked how playing soccer influenced her. “I had to hold people accountable. It was very motivating, and it made me want to work even harder because I saw how hard everyone around me was working. Soccer is a very mental game and knowing the importance of teamwork and communication are very important.”

What I learned at CBC

Hightower stated that the most valuable lesson she learned at CBC was that “the work doesn’t end. You have to work hard until you can’t work anymore.” Additionally, she stated that “Coach (Chris) Murphy imparted a lot of passion in me. He is very intelligent and gave me a different outlook on the game. He challenged me to do things right the first time and to not pick up bad habits, which I was able to identify with him as my coach.”

God has a plan for you

When asked what wisdom she would impart to future CBC students, Hightower added: “Go after your grades. God has a plan for you, but make sure you get your degree. Even if you don’t enter the field you got your degree in, you will have it as a fall back plan. Maintain your degree and work hard trying to obtain it.”

Written by Erik Holth, CBC Sports Information Director on July 9, 2018 as part of the summer “Where Are They Now” series.

Photo Credit: Texas Wesleyan Sports Information Department

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