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CBC Alumni Story


CBC Was Right For Me

As a twenty-one-year-old, sitting at my dining room table on a Wednesday night, I broke the news to my mother that I was no longer going to be pursuing a career in baseball or coaching. The Lord was calling me to preach. One thing I knew was certain—I must find a place that could train me for ministry. That search did not take long. My grandfather taught at CBC. My parents met at CBC. My brother attended CBC. They knew the caliber of teachers in the Bible department and the solid preparation I would receive for ministry. To add to that, my pastor at the time, Dr. Martin Jameson was a product of CBC. So in the spring semester of 1999 I started attending Bible classes under some of the greatest teachers I have known: Dr. Jesse Thomas, Dr. Joel Slayton, and Dr. Ron Mitchell. Since I was coming in to CBC at my junior year, I was able to take Bible classes only, and spend all my time under the instruction of these incredibly gifted men.

A Solid Foundation

I look back on my days at CBC with much fondness and appreciation. I knew at the time that a foundation for ministry was being set, but I had no idea how sturdy CBC would make that foundation. Even today, I recall lectures and interpretative principles that currently shape how I handle the Word of God week after week.

A Blessing

One blessing in attending CBC (besides meeting my future wife) was in knowing that each of the three professors was passionate about, both, the subjects they were teaching and the students they taught. Dr. Thomas’ concern for solid expositional preaching, Dr. Mitchell’s love of Church History and theology, and Dr. Slayton’s zeal for the biblical languages overflowed in tangible ways each semester into my life. Perhaps the greatest blessing to this Bible student, however, was their identifiable love for the Lord and His church. Each of these professors believed that the hope of the world was in Head of the local church.

God’s Grace

Because of God’s grace in my life through the influence of these men, I am a pastor today. I have had the privilege of serving at Garrett Memorial Baptist Church for the past thirteen years. For thirteen years I have been leaning on and reaping from my time as a student in the Bible Department at CBC, and I can only pray that there will be at least another thirteen.

Biblical & Ministry Preparation

Strong and healthy churches are built on strong views of God’s word. Strong and healthy churches are built on pulpits that make the meaning of the scripture the message of the sermon. Strong and healthy churches are shaped by pastors who love the Lord and love the Lord’s people. Strong and healthy churches are made up of members who love the Lord and His word. These biblical values that were instilled in me during my time in the CBC Bible Department are still being championed at CBC. If you want to help grow and sustain strong and healthy churches for the kingdom of God and the advancement of the gospel, CBC is the place to begin, or continue, your journey in doing that very thing.

Written by Dr. Clif Johnson, Senior Pastor at Garrett Memorial Baptist Church in Hope, AR & Member of the Central Baptist College Board of Trustees.

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