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CBC Faculty Story


William Ingram is a professor of Information Technology in the CBC PACE program. He teaches Object Oriented Programming and Intro to Programming and is on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Ingram is a 2011 graduate of the PACE program and has been teaching with CBC since 2016. He is former military and has a double master’s in Business Organizational Management and Security and IT Management from Webster University.

“I was an active duty soldier for 15 years before a medical discharge,” said Ingram. “I wanted to go back to college to get a degree when I found the PACE program. I was used to a typewriter and had developed a passion for IT in the military. I couldn’t find the right college program for me, because of my day job, until I found PACE. I took one class, the Astronomy class, and I was hooked.”

Ingram is very passionate about the students in the PACE program and wants to help prepare them for a career.

“Knowledge is very important and teaching someone what you know is inspirational to me. I knew I wanted to come back (to the PACE program) and teach immediately because it helped me so much. I have enjoyed it a whole lot!”

Ingram added that his favorite part about working with PACE students is: “It gives me an opportunity to explain to them that IT is not only sitting at a desk and working for an IT department. It involves so many things, such as health care, retail, banking, etc. IT is everywhere. As things begin to go more toward IT, I get to explain to them that they can be in any field they want. I get excited because they can use their degree anywhere.”

Ingram shared that outside of CBC, he works as an information systems manager for the Department of Defense and at the National Guard Center at Camp Robinson. He also works IT at his church, which was built in the 1800’s.

“My church had a lot of elders in it and I couldn’t initially convince them that technology was a good thing. It took me eight years to show them how technology could win souls for Christ.”

Ingram said that if he could share anything with today’s students, it would be “never stop learning. Always move forward. Things change and evolve into something different. If you can help someone learn something new then you should strive for that. What we do is help others and make their lives easier.”

To find out how PACE can serve you visit cbc.edu/PACE for more details and to start the conversation.

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