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My name is Austin Lewis and I am currently a Senior at CBC and will graduate in May with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bible.

Why I Chose CBC

One of the reasons that I chose CBC is because of the Bible department. I knew that I could come here and not only receive a great education, but also gain connections and relationships that I would have for the rest of my life. The other reason I chose CBC was because I really felt the Lord leading me this direction. In all honesty, my choice came down to a couple of different schools. CBC is where I wanted to be, but I just didn’t think I would be able to afford it. Instead of focusing so much on the money, I just trusted the Lord and where I felt like He was leading me, so I chose to enroll at CBC. Over the last three and half years, God has blessed me with scholarships and the ability to work and pay for school.  Looking back now, I’m thankful that I followed the Lord and trusted His plan, for He has taken care of me, and all my worries.

My Future Goal

My career aspiration is to be a Pastor in a local church. I’m not sure where I will end up, but I know that being a Pastor is what the Lord has called me to do. Right now, I am serving at Park Place Baptist Church in Bryant, Arkansas as their Student Pastor. The knowledge that I have gained at CBC has equipped me to be “ready” to take on the position that I hold. However, you will never be fully ready in ministry. Currently I am a part-time staff member, but the plan is to become full-time after graduation this May.

On Campus

One of the ways that I am involved here on campus is that I work in the Admissions Office.  With this opportunity, I get to interact with a lot of the current students and incoming freshmen.  Most of the time, this is in more of a formal setting, but some of the other ways that I am involved on campus is attending athletic events and playing sports with the other students.  I really enjoy getting to go to the basketball and baseball games and being with the other students to cheer on our Mustangs, which a lot of the players are our friends.  I also enjoy playing pickup games like basketball and flag football. It’s a great way to get to hang out with some friends and attempt to stay in shape.

My CBC Experience

CBC has meant so much to me in my life. I have made friendships and memories that I will remember for a lifetime. From sitting in class and learning, to being belly busted from laughing so hard. To all the spiritual moments praising my Savior, Jesus Christ, I will never forget CBC.  If I had to condense the time that I’ve spent here at CBC to one word, I would say that word is “home.” Anytime I am here, I always feel like I am with family. CBC is such a small school, but that has given us the ability to have a community that is so strong. It is very bitter sweet that I am about to graduate from CBC.  I’m looking forward to life after college, but I will always cherish my time at CBC.

Join the Mustang Family

If you are you looking for a college “home” that will prepare you for full-time ministry like Austin. Visit cbc.edu/WhyCBC to schedule a visit or apply today!

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