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I’m Very Grateful


Fountain Lake has been the town where I had lived for 19 years of my life. With many great things in that small town it was time for me to move on and find a college. I’m very grateful that I chose to attend Central Baptist College. I went on a campus tour, and I absolutely loved it. I love the small college atmosphere and how the teachers truly care about their students. The college centers on Jesus in everything it does.

God Has Led Me Here

My tour was very meaningful experience, because I could see how the college radiates the truth of the Gospel. God has led me here to learn about His word in a deeper way. College has been very crucial in my life and my future, so I am glad that God is using me at CBC. As a sophomore this year I am getting involved in the school more and trying to be a leader so that I can make an impact at the school and in the community.

Bible Degree

I plan to graduate from CBC with a degree in Bible in 2023. One of my goals is to be able to learn some Greek, so that I can understand scripture on a different level. I would like to intern at a church by serving as a youth pastor part-time. After college, I plan to go to seminary in Kansas City and hopefully I can also serve in ministry there. Maybe lead a youth group as I feel led by God to do.

Submitting My Life Plans to God

My long-term goals include becoming a discipleship pastor and continuing to serve God in ministry throughout my life. Even when I’m older, I want to remain very involved in ministry at a church. These are the life plans that I want, but I have submitted my life and plans to God. I know that God may have different plans for me, one that I cannot even fathom and I’m willing to follow His direction and call.

Learning Daily

CBC is teaching me great work ethic. As a Leadership Scholar Student, I have learned what it means to work hard in the real world. CBC is also teaching me to learn to dig deeper into the word of God. I’m very grateful for the professors and how they show us the importance of gaining more knowledge of who God is every single day.

The Relationships I Have Built at CBC

One of my favorite things about CBC is the relationships I have built. There are a lot of people on staff pouring into me daily and disciplining me. Throughout my experience at CBC I have really learned who I am as a person. I have learned how to know myself and what I truly want to be in the future.

Surrounded by People Who Point to Jesus

CBC means a lot to me. I believe I have become more like Jesus by being surrounded by people who point to Jesus. Without CBC and the Christ centered environment I wouldn’t have been able to see the love of Jesus through other people as much as I do now. CBC has helped me grow closer with the Lord, and I’m very grateful and excited for the next couple of years I have here.

Written by Noah Pratt, Sophomore

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