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Major Decisions


The college decision making process can be a daunting process to start. Especially if you are the first one in your family to attend college. We want to help you during this exciting time of your life. Here are two very important questions to ask yourself before you get started.

#1 – What do you want out of your college experience?

It is very hard to choose a higher education home unless you know what you are looking for. Take your time to work through your answer because it will set your course for the next several years. Some people attend a college to be a part of the campus spirit. Some people attend for a certain degree that will help them achieve their dream career. Others will attend to take part in a performance program of some kind like sports or music. Some will choose a school for the cost or spiritual focus. Whatever the reason, it needs to be your reason.

#2 – Why?

Determining “why” you want to have a certain college experience will drive your motivation & success while you are there. If you can’t answer this question then go back to question #1 and start over. This is a simple question, but the answer will have a powerful effect on your life, one way or another. We all have to have strong motivation to pursue anything in life or else it will render us powerless. If you choose not to answer this question now, it will get answered later for you by your experiences. It’s never a good reason to follow someone else to a college because their motivations cannot drive your success. Whatever your answer is to this question be sure it energizes you and be sure that it will put you on the correct path to reach your end goal.

College is one of life’s major decisions. It should not be made lightly. Yes, you can transfer if you feel like you made the wrong choice, but that could be costly. Not all colleges and universities will transfer all your previous credit hours. This will cause added cost and time to earning your college degree.

My prayer is that you seek God’s will for your life in this decision. Also, be honest with yourself now and you will save yourself cost, time and frustration later.

If you would like to get started with the Admissions process at Central Baptist College you can get the conversation started by clicking here. Tell us about what you are looking for in your college home.

–Ryan Johnson

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