Under Pressure - Central Baptist College

Under Pressure


High school athletes are always under pressure. Pressure to perform, pressure to succeed, pressure to win. However, the biggest pressure they face, at least by the end of high school, is where they should attend college.

Central Baptist College is a great choice for student athletes because, according to senior Sean Baskin: “CBC is very friendly to athletes and especially helping them prepare for their future with a quality education.” CBC is also great for students who attended a small high school and enjoy the feel of that environment.

Another thing that makes CBC great for student athletes is the quality coaches. Not only are the coaches models of the Christian faith, but they are exemplary leaders and provide not just coaching to their teams, but life lessons their players can use as well. They are always working to provide the friendliest, and most competitive, environment they can to the athletes at CBC.

The final way I will list is that CBC student athletes get supported, not just at the school, but in the community. I know of several student athletes that are leaders in their churches, like Baskin, who leads worship and is a youth intern at Harlan Park Baptist Church. Being a student-athlete at CBC teaches valuable life lessons that can be acquired if you are willing to give Mustang athletics a chance!

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