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Employee Directory

Last Name First Name Department Phone  
Bingham Donald Communications Adjunct Instructor  
Dotson Bobby Assistant Maintenance and Grounds/Physical Plant  
Dotson Katy Adjunct Instructor/Literature & Language Arts 501-205-8361  
Douglas Kent L. PACE Instructor/PACE Department  
Dowdy Jerry A. Director/Information Technology 501-205-8787  
Dowdy Dana Analyst/Business Office 501-205-8910  
Duffield Blake Assistant Professor/Social Studies 501-205-8917  
Duhon Robert Dining Services 501-205-8828  
Edwards Samantha Adjunct Instructor/ Literature & Language Arts 501-205-8361  
Elder Steve Director of PACE and Behavioral Sciences/PACE Department 501-205-8893  
Elder Britni PACE Instructor/PACE Department  
Emerson Smokey J. Adjunct Instructor/ Fine Arts 501-205-8914  
Enloe-Lewis Melissa L. Adjunct Instructor/Behavioral Sciences 501-205-8836  
Isbill Erika Social Studies  
Etchison Eric PACE Instructor/PACE Department  
Etters Bradford PACE Instructor/PACE Department  
Fagala Charles Driver/Athletic Department 501-205-4002  
Faulkner Jessica Director of Alumni Engagement/Advancement Office 501-205-8800  
Fletcher Cynthia PACE Instructor/PACE Department  
Ford Tanya Bookstore Manager/Mustang Outfitters 501-205-8892  
Gabbard Judy Professor of Science/ Natural Sciences & Math 501-205-8801  
Galyean Clint Head Men's Basketball Coach/Athletic Department 501-205-8843  
Thompson Delena Chair and Professor of Education/Education 501-205-8909  
Gardner Ann Chair & Professor of Communication/Communication 501-205-8802  
Garst John D. Adjunct Instructor/Dept of Fine Arts  
Goad Cindy Manager Mustang Club  
Gomez Elizabeth Professor of Chemistry/ Natural Sciences & Math 501-205-8804  
Gomez Oscar Assistant Professor of Psychology/ Behavioral Sciences 501-205-8803  
Gordon Cristina M. Adjunct Instructor/PACE Department  
Gordon Lance Director of Soccer/Athletic Department 501-205-8935  
Greer Judy C. Adjunct Instructor/Department of Education 501-205-8809  
Guyton Duffy Director of Church Relations/Advancement Office 501-205-8920  
Guyton Ryan Personal Admissions Officer/Admissions 501-205-8897  
Hahn Alan PACE Instructor/PACE Department  
Hall Steven PACE  
Hammontree Tonya Director/Financial Aid 501-205-8809  
Hancock Jason Adjunct Instructor/Literature & Language Arts 501-205-8361  
Harrison Heather Financial Aid Counselor/Financial Aid 501-205-8811  
Hefner Jay Driver/Athletic Department 501-205-4002  
Henderson Bobby Maintenance and Grounds/Physical Plant 501-205-8939  
Henderson Larry PACE Instructor/PACE Department 501-205-8788  
Hendrix Deborah Dining Services 501-205-8828  
Hinson Keith Athletics  
Hite Jon D. PACE Instructor/PACE Department 501-205-8788  
Hlongwane Sabelo Assistant Men's Soccer Coach/Athletic Department 501-205-4002  
Holley Robert PACE Instructor/PACE Department 501-205-8788  
Holt Claudette Director PACE Enrollment 501-205-8840  
Holth Erik Sports Information Director/Athletic 501-205-8853  
Hopp Emily Adjunct Instructor Math/ Natural Sciences & Math 501-205-8804  
House Tim Assistant Softball Coach/Athletic 501-205-4002  
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