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Employee Directory

Last Name First Name Department Phone  
Acuna Peter Assistant Wrestling Coach/Athletic Department 501-205-4002  
Ahlhorn Charles R. Adjunct Instructor/Fine Arts 501-205-8914  
Allen Caly Adjunct Instructor/Communications 501-205-8802  
Curtis Amanda Financial Aid (501) 205-8833  
McCullough Andrew  
Arthur Cheryl Adjunct Instructor/Literature & Language Arts 501-205-8361  
Ashley Jeff Adjunct Instructor/Department of Education 501-205-8909  
Ashworth Marieca Student Services Director 501-205-8826  
Hodges Danielle Fine Arts (501) 205-8914  
Bailey Rodney PACE Instructor/PACE Department 501-205-8893  
Baker Byron Director of Physical Plant 501-205-8939  
Baldwin Kelly J. Adjunct Instructor/Natural Sciences & Math 501-205-8804  
Banister Suzanne Assistant Professor of Music/Fine Arts 501-205-4361  
Bender Melvin "Dusty" Chair & Professor of History/Social Studies 501-205-8361  
Bender Paula Disability Support Services Coordinator/Student Services 501-205-8926  
Bradberry Yvonne Dining Services 501-205-8828  
Bradley Edward PACE Instructor/PACE Department 501-205-8788  
Shires Brent Fine Arts  
Brewer Tim Adjunct Instructor/PACE Department 501-205-8788  
Brister Aaron Chair/Department of Kinesiology 501-205-8797  
Brown Lynsey Manager Cafe 52 501-205-8852  
Brown Wesley Adjunt Instuctor/Communication 501-205-8802  
Bryan-Rodriguez Billie Assistant Director/Dining Services 501-205-8906  
Bryant Bruce Adjunct Instructor/ Education 501-205-8909  
Buchanan Neikisha PACE Instructor/PACE Department 501-205-8893  
Burton Austen Assistant Men's Basketball Coach/Athletics 501-205-4002  
Caldwell Traci Chair/ Literature & Language Arts 501-205-8863  
Cantrell Beth Chair & Professor of Business/Business 501-205-8790  
Capaci Eric Adjunct Instructor/ Behavioral Sciences 501-205-8836  
Cargile Mechelle Director/Human Resources 501-205-8813  
Floyd Carol Dining  
Carruth Jason K. Adjunct Faculty/ Kinesiology 501-205-8797  
Cherry Paul Vice President of Finance 501-205-8805  
Choate Laura PACE Instructor/PACE Department 501-205-8788  
Clark Robin Assistant Professor/Education 501-205-8793  
Claybrook Kara Adjunct Instructor/PACE Department 501-205-8788  
Cobb Tamara PACE Instructor/PACE Department  
Cole Lori L. Adjunct Instructor/Education 501-205-8909  
Collins Michelle PACE Instructor/PACE Department  
Collins Phillip PACE Instructor/PACE Department  
Conley Ebony Adjunct Instructor/PACE Department  
Crocker Anthony Adjunct Instructor/PACE Department  
Hall Dallas Communication  
Daugherty Shelbbie Cafe 52 501-205-8821  
Bass-Carrigan Deandriea PACE Adjunct Instructor  
Deaton Tammie PACE Instructor/PACE Department  
Decker Jimmie Adjunct Instructor/Bible 501-205-8860  
Dickey Kimberly PACE Instructor/PACE Department  
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