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Avery Selected for ROTC Scholarship

March 23, 2018

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Central Baptist College (CBC) junior Tyree Avery has been awarded a 2.5 yr scholarship through the United States Army Cadet Command (USACC), 5th Brigade's Army Recruiting Officers Training Corp (ROTC) Leadership Program located on the Campus of the University of Central Arkansas (UCA). Avery, a former Marine, was hand selected by Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) James Welch based on his merit and potential for leadership in the United States Armed Forces. USACC, 5th Brigade headquarters is in San Antonio, Texas. Each year thousands of students apply for the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarships and each year only a handful are selected to receive them with an opportunity to become an officer in the US Army. Avery was chosen for this scholarship based on three factors: class work, athletic achievement and leadership. He also selected based on leadership attributes of integrity, courage and a deep rooted commitment to the United States of America. 

Avery had a GPA of 3.6 for the fall semester, was a varsity wrestler at CBC at the 165-pound level and previously served in the United States Marine Corp Reserves. LTC Welch said: Tyree is an excellent choice and we are really excited to choose him. His leadership is top notch and he will make a great army officer. Avery will attend Advanced Camp this summer in Fort Knox, Kentucky and return to CBC in the fall to finish his degree. Upon commencement, he will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant to a branch of his choosing. Avery is the first CBC student chosen for this scholarship since the 90's and helps reignite a previously successful relationship between the ROTC program at UCA and the students attending CBC. The UCA ROTC program was one of only 15 programs created by the Army at colleges and universities in 1968. It was the result of the efforts of Army Secretary Stanley R. Resor and U.S. Representative Wilbur D. Mills of Arkansas. The program was instituted and arranged so that students from Central Baptist and Hendrix Colleges could attend

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