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Mustang Advantage Testimonials

Straight from our students:

“I definitely would not have been able to pursue the course that I am on without it. To say that I am thankful for it is an understatement.” – Brian Allen

“I think it’s an amazing program and I am excited to have something that will help me pay for my education… I am thankful to GOD for the Mustang Advantage program.” – Percy Arnold

“There are always fees that scholarships can’t cover and that’s why I am so thankful for the Mustang Advantage. Children’s Pastor, along with other positions in the ministry, are not about the money. The Mustang Advantage gave me peace in trusting God knowing my loans will be payed for.” – Jessica Hager

“I never came from a rich family and to me college was always more of a dream than a reality. I knew that once I was told about the Mustang Advantage that CBC was the school for me. The Mustang Advantage is something that every college should do.” – Kelvin McNeil

“It will help me to get the education I desire, and to attend the college of my dreams.” – Madi Townsend

“I think it’s great. I love that a school can help ME pay off my school loans.” – Samuel Baker

“It’s my desire to finish college and obtain a job that pays well. However, I’m glad to have the Mustang Advantage loan repayment assistance program to fall back on.”

“I was considering going to PTC for the first two years, because I was worried about money. When I found out about the Mustang Advantage Program, I decided I could go to CBC from the beginning!”

“It helps minimize some of the stress that college students and parents of college students tend to carry throughout the college years.”


“I don’t know of any other college that offers to pay off any student loan debts incurred if I don’t make at least $36,000.00 a year after graduating with a Bachelor degree! The Mustang Advantage offers students and their families an amazing opportunity to repay college debt when otherwise, repayment of debt might be such a burden that some students wouldn’t have the opportunity to attend college!”

“My mother is going through chemo and my brother is a senior, so money is not a visible reality for my family. This program helps me earn my degree without the guilt and pressures of using money my family so desperately needs right now. This program gives me a sense of relief as I work for a better and brighter future. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.”

Parent Quotes:

“My son was not wanting to attend college because of accruing student loan debt. Thanks to the Mustang Advantage, Brian chose to go to school. – Thank you!” – Stephanie Garrett

“So excited that this option is available for my daughter and us. It does relieve some concern about paying for college and allows her to choose no matter what.” – Mandi Townsend

“This took a great burden off us. Thanks!” – Beverly May

“It is a great program that allows students to take a position doing something they love without the stress of worrying about making enough money to pay your student loans immediately.” – Jeannie Noel

Nation wide student testimonials: