Central Baptist College Named Best Regional College

September 12, 2017

cbc seal.png
Central Baptist College has been added to the list of Best Regional Colleges in the South by�U.S. News and World Report. CBC was selected number 48 on the list, tied with Kentucky Christian University. CBC�s most recent ranking was 71st�in the 2016 list. The rankings are based off of the graduate experience and the broad range of programs offered in the liberal arts, such as business, nursing and education. The�U.S. News and World Report�is an annual publication and the�U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges 2018�guidebook includes rankings of 1,800 institutions nationwide. The rankings are based on peer assessment, first-year student retention rate, graduation rate from 2016, class size, student/faculty ratio, SAT/ACT percentile rating, freshman high school graduation class rank, acceptance rate and alumni giving. The full list of rankings can be found at�usnews.com/colleges