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Alumni Stories

John Lopez is a former Mustang wrestler from 2011-14. He competed in the 197-pound and 285-pound weight classes and was the first wrestler ever to qualify for the national championships in program history, doing so three times in his four years as a Mustang.

Where Is He Now?

Today, Lopez works as a law enforcement officer for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department in Florida.

A Great Experience

When asked how wrestling influenced his life, Lopez replied: “Wrestling taught me discipline, how to overcome circumstances, change aspects and learn to adapt as opposed to giving up. When we qualified for nationals, it was a great experience. We were finally able to validate the process we completed, and we were able to show others that Coach Prophete’s process works not just in wrestling, but in life.”

Giving Back

Lopez used wrestling to influence his profession as well. “After graduation, Coach Prophete asked me to come back and coach. I was able to give back to former teammates and pour into new wrestlers. I have always loved helping other people and wrestling gave me the drive and ability to do what I need to do as a law enforcement officer.

CBC Experience

“Coach Prophete was a huge influence,” said Lopez, when asked about his CBC experience. “I have known him since I was 14. He had the same coaching mentality as my high school coaches. We had a unique relationship, more on a personal level. We had way more respect for each other, like a family feel.”

Lessons Learned

Lopez added that traveling with the team and sharing a common interest with his brothers was his favorite experience. The most valuable lesson he learned was “keep going no matter what. God’s Will dictates where you go. Keep the faith and press on even when things aren’t going your way and work and know that everything comes from God.”

Enjoy Your Time at CBC

When asked to give advice to current and incoming college students, Lopez responded: “Enjoy your time at CBC. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or let fear stop you from doing what you want to do. This is the time that you can figure our who you are and what you want to be.”

About the Author

This article was recently published on in this summer’s Where Are They Now alumni series by Erik Holth, CBC Sports Information Director. Visit for Central Baptist College Mustang news, schedules and opt-in e-alerts.

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