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CBC Faculty Story

Dr Latasha Smith began working at Central Baptist College as an adjunct professor in the PACE program in July of 2008. Since that time, she has done many things for the service of the Lord. CBC public relations officer Erik Holth interviewed her to find out some of the things she has accomplished in the last 10 years. “I had just been born again about a year-and-a-half before I began working at CBC,” said Dr. Smith. “I saw they had an opening for a position and I applied and was accepted.” That was just the beginning of her adventures. Over the next several years, Smith, who lives in Minnesota, began doing research at the Mayo Clinic. “There are so many things to learn at the Mayo Clinic,” Smith added. While she no longer works at the Clinic, she still assists as an assistant professor for training nurses at Rochester Technical and Community College in Minnesota. Dr. Smith also works in a program called ACEN (Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing) in the field of physiology for Luther College. Her fellowship with the Mayo Clinic ended in December 2017 and now, her students in the programs she helps with enroll at Winona State University, a local university in Rochester. When asked about her experience at CBC, Dr. Smith said: “I enjoy working with adult learners because they bring something unique. They understand what it takes to work hard. I also love working with Chad Linn and Gwenda Williams. I love my job and I also love working as an adjunct in the P.A.C.E. Department. In my view, it keeps me connected to CBC, and that’s important to me.” When asked if she had advice for current students, Smith replied: “Learn how to enjoy each moment each day, because it’s a unique experience and God has a bigger plan for everyone.”



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