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My CBC Story

My name is Faith Birmingham and I was born and raised in Greers Ferry, Arkansas. I have a little brother, Zack, who is undeniably the athlete of the family. My grandparents live directly across from my parent’s home, and my uncle is across from them. So, my immediate family has all grown up close together and I attended West Side School from kindergarten to my senior year. Here is my CBC story.

On Campus & In the Classroom

I currently live on campus in Dickson Hall. My roommate is my high school best friend, which makes my college experience even more fun. I am an Education major and I’m planning to stay in Arkansas to teach middle school or high school history and English. I’m also minoring in history.

Long term, I want to make sure that I am the type of teacher that my students can not only learn from and look back on with a fond memory, but who they can feel safe to talk to when they are having a difficult time. I am scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2023.

Where I Was Meant to Be

My CBC story began in the winter of my senior year of high school. I already applied to and was planning to attend Arkansas Tech University when my mom and best friend begged me to visit CBC. I expected to fly through the campus tour and pay no attention, but within the first few minutes I already knew this was where I was meant to be. Listening to the chapel band practice, I felt God moving on campus and I knew that I needed to listen to His calling on my life. That day, I applied to CBC, and I am so glad that I did.

A Family Feel on Campus

I’m currently a sophomore, so I’m still learning a few things about CBC as I go. So far, my favorite parts are chapel, Tower Media, and definitely the family feel on campus. Chapel is a great way for me to reconnect with God in the middle of the week. CBC reminds me of the church camp I attended while growing up, where it felt like only me and God where there.

Coming Out of My Shell

I also have the opportunity to be CBC’s yearbook editor this year. Tower Media has also played a major role in the friends I’ve made on campus. The staff members at Tower Media encouraged me to get out of my dorm room my freshman year and make new friends.

They helped me “come out of my shell.” As for the rest of the campus each professor and staff member I’ve spoken to, and each student I’ve met, have all been friendly, helpful and caring. Even remembering my name after meeting them only once.

Why CBC Means so Much to Me

I plan to work in education and CBC is showing me how I can be an encouraging teacher and a Christian. This is why CBC means so much to me.

CBC is a place I can grow in every aspect of life without having to constantly guard my beliefs. I am growing as a Christian through chapel and the encouragement of friends and employees. I’ve learned through many different experiences, in the first year I have been on campus, to rely solely on God and His strength rather than my own.

Growing in a Loving Environment

I am growing socially and making new friends as I learn to interview people for the yearbook stories. Also, I’m growing intellectually as my professors teach me new ideas that I will need one day. I’m also growing into a more unique and confident individual. CBC gives me a safe, loving environment to search for God’s specific call on my life. All because of my CBC story.

Contact Us

Are you looking for an encouraging and loving college home to prepare for your future, like Faith was?

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