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PACE = Professional Adult College Education

Are you stuck in a job with no chance for advancement, or really need a college degree to get the job you truly want? Did you start college, but didn’t get a chance to finish, or have you set a goal for yourself to get a college degree, but haven’t been able to get started? Do you want an opportunity to earn more, or want to set a positive example for your children and family about the importance of education? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, then the PACE Program at Central Baptist College may be your answer!

The P.A.C.E. Program allows students to continue to work or maintain their current daytime responsibilities, while offering them the opportunity to earn a Bachelors Degree at the same time! By taking classes one night a week (Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday), you could be a Full-Time College student and eligible to receive Financial Aid or Scholarships if you qualify. P.A.C.E. classes are typically five weeks long (called a ‘block’), and there are four ‘blocks’ of classes in both the fall and spring. You can take classes in one of our many in-demand degree programs starting in any block, which means there are eight times a year to begin classes. It also means that you only have to worry about one class at a time instead of juggling four classes over a typical semester. Classes are taught in-person at either our Conway or North Little Rock campus, and are also available online or as a hybrid of the two.

Designed with working adults in mind, the P.A.C.E. program is flexible, convenient, and accelerated so you can quickly earn the degree you need to be more competitive in the workplace. To find out more about this exciting and innovative program, go to our website at or email us at Applying to the program is simple and free through the online application found on our website. With the P.A.C.E. Program at CBC, ‘It’s Your Time’ to get the education you need to succeed!



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