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The PACE Difference in Higher Education

The PACE program stands for Professional Adult College Education. It’s the Central Baptist College non-traditional degree program. PACE has helped hundreds of busy adults earn their college degree for nearly 20 years.

Our Economy

Today’s marketplace moves fast and changes quickly. However, it takes multiple areas of expertise to keep our economy effective and stable. Those that require a specific training certificate and those that require higher education. Both are needed and valuable. Both can provide for families.

A College Degree is it Worth It?

Choosing to earn a college degree can come down to a career goal. If your chosen profession requires a college degree, then the cost will be worth it. Also, data supports that you can earn more with a college degree over time than without one.

Also, higher education provides a lot of “soft skills” that are quickly becoming “hard skills” in today’s social and global economy.

For example, written and verbal communication, time management and problem solving to name a few. These skills allow you to adapt with the economy and always find a way to become marketable.

Why is PACE Different?

The format and delivery methods are extremely flexible.

Courses are five weeks long and meet on night per week. The delivery methods include an in-class, online and hybrid option.

You can decide to attend class in person or log on live (Synchronously) anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection and a computer, laptop or mobile device.

You can also complete the course online at your convenience (asynchronously) within the five-week course structure or choose or do both (Hybrid).

A Great Format

The program is designed to take one class at a time. This allows for total concentration on one course for the best results possible. Instead of having to take three to four courses at once over a sixteen-week period.

The five-week courses also offer four different enrollment periods per semester, eight per year. The fall semester starts right after the 4th of July week and the spring semester starts in early January.

You can start and stop as needed according to your life’s demands.

Why Does This Matter?

Traditional style course formats are sixteen weeks. So, if you want or need to be a full-time student and take 4 courses or 12 credit hours per semester, then you will need to dedicate 2-4 days or nights per week for sixteen weeks. This is often not possible for a busy adult with work and/or family obligations.

The PACE format focuses your time and energy. It gives you the opportunity to be a full-time student by focusing on one class at a time, only one night per week.

PACE provides the format to complete a degree at least twice as fast and up to four times as fast. Depending on how many courses you need to take in a semester and complete your degree.

Your time is extremely valuable, and PACE is built with that in mind.

What Degrees are Available?

PACE offers three associate degree options and nine bachelor’s degree options.

Associate degrees in General Education, Business, and Military Technologies. Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, General Studies, Church Administration, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Leadership and Ministry, Management Information Systems, Organizational Management, and Psychology.

These degrees are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and fully transferable to other accredited institutions. We also accept transfer credits from other accredited institutions.

CBC is Military Friendly

Many of our PACE students are military and we are proud to serve them. We provide one of the most competitive veteran discounts in the state. In most cases, after the military benefits are applied the remaining costs will be waived.

In addition, if all military benefits are exhausted then a 25% discount is still applied. Visit for full details and contact information.

CBC is honored to be a Military Friendly School with Gold Status distinction awarded by This level recognizes the top 10% of all military friendly schools.


We understand the struggles of a busy adult trying to start or finish a degree. For this reason, our PACE tuition is lower than our traditional program cost and there are no fees.

Students eligible for the federal Pell Grant, Arkansas Academic Challenge, and loans can apply them to the program cost.

In addition to our Veteran Grant, CBC also provides a Ministry Grant and Student Referral Grant.

Students can rent their books at a fraction of the cost through our online bookstore and financial aid can be used to cover the expense.

Visit to view all our CBC institutional scholarships, federal, state, and private aid options. We have linked up to several outside scholarships that we recommend you apply for.

20th PACE Anniversary

To celebrate the PACE program’s 20th year anniversary we are offering a new student discount.

New PACE students, or students re-admitting to the program after at least a semester lay-off, are eligible for a 20% discount to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of PACE!

Ask your Personal Enrollment Counselor or one of our Financial Aid representatives for more details.

Join the Mustang Family

If you want a college degree and PACE sounds like it might be a good fit for your busy schedule visit to start the conversation with us or apply.



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