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WISH Circle


Women In Support of Hope

A woman’s education can change more than just her life – it can vastly impact her parents, siblings, and children as well.

Women’s education has the power to foster generational change for an entire family, catalyze others to make changes in their lives, and serves to give women tools which make them more confident parents, employees, and citizens.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to give the gift of higher education to women who would not otherwise have that opportunity.


The WISH Circle comes alongside women to help them develop specific tools for success:

  • Professional Dress

  • Interview Skills

  • Prayer

  • Bible Study


This provides the emotional and financial support women need to continue on towards graduation. Become part of the TRANSFORMATIONAL life change that takes place through higher education!


WISH Membership Support

  • Tuition Scholarships  for new and continuing students

    • **NOTE: Scholarships will be awarded by the CBC Scholarship Committee based on the financial need of each student. Available federal, state, military, and other aid will be taken into consideration.

  • Clothing Stipends to prepare WISH students for job interviews.

  • Spiritual Life Supplies such as Bibles and Bible study materials.

  • Annual Events to include recognition for current PACE students and WISH Scholarship Recipients

Our Goal: $261,550

This goal will help 45 women begin PACE and 10 women continue in PACE, fostering transformational change in the lives of more than 50 families.


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