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Hannah Bowen is a 2018 graduate of the Biology department at Central Baptist College.

A Match Made at CBC

Hannah is engaged to fellow CBC alum Landon Riddle and is currently in Physician’s Assistant school at Oklahoma City University. The two are scheduled to get married on August 30th of this year.

A Family Connection

Hannah is the sister of CBC alum Jordan Bowen, who graduated in 2010. She said she heard of CBC from both her brother and the church she attended, New Heights Baptist in Oklahoma.

Her CBC Experience

When asked about her experience at CBC, Hannah responded: “The atmosphere and fellowship among the students and faculty was great. I was a member of SOS and was an RA. I grew a lot of strong relationships and I’m still in contact with all my friends today.”

A Diverse and Positive Atmosphere

Hannah’s most valuable lesson learned in her time as a student was “how to communicate and build friendships with those that were different from how I was raised. CBC put me in a diverse atmosphere. It helped me get involved in missions and build relationships with those people as well. I went on mission trips to Peru, the Philippines and Cape Verde in my time there.”

Preparation for a Medical Career

CBC influenced Hannah’s choice of becoming a Physician’s Assistant through her degree. “I came to CBC knowing I wanted to go into the medical field and when I decided to go into biology, I was surrounded by great professors, who really challenged us. Dr. Kwekel, Dr. Seong, Dr. Gomez and Mrs. Gabbard all encouraged me to keep trying when it became really difficult.”

Advice for CBC Students

In giving advice to incoming students, Hannah said to “look for opportunities to grow yourself at CBC. Look for things you may not think you like to do and challenge yourself. Try to be involved and be around students at every event that goes on. The relationships that you establish are relationships you can only establish in an atmosphere like CBC.

Join the Mustang Family

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Written by Erik Holth, Public Relations Officer

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