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My name is Gage Jordan and I’m originally from West Memphis, AR but have been a resident of Conway since 2005 when I moved here to attend CBC. I have several jobs. I work full time for a data-drive digital marketing company called Dave Creek Media. In addition, I serve as a contract presenter in the classroom at Conway Junior High for a non-profit called Choosing to Excel. I’m also an intern with Christ Church Conway (PCA) and travel throughout the state guest preaching for our churches in the Presbytery.

Why I Chose CBC

I was a student at CBC from 2005-2009 and graduated in 2009 with a BA in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministry. CBC was the first college that I visited. While on a campus visit with my mom, we were drawn to the atmosphere. The college had a distinct Christ-centered focus and had the classes that I was interested to get the proper training in my pursuit to be a minister. But it wasn’t just the theology and focus that drew me in, everyone that was on campus and involved, loved being there. It was their joy that made the final decision for me.

The Personal CBC Experience

There were three key things that I look back on fondly when I think about my time at CBC. First, the relationships. CBC allowed me to develop friendships that have lasted a lifetime. The connections I made at CBC lead to some of my best friends, whom I still talk to almost daily. But that’s not just true about the friendships, it’s true about the staff. Because of the intimate setting of CBC, I was able to be mentored and coached by the professors. Talking with friends that have gone to larger universities, often that wasn’t their experience. Lastly, CBC gave me the space and opportunity to grow in my faith. There were so many late-night conversations and hours spent wrestling with the things of God that I look back and find myself incredibly thankful for the chance to have those moments.

Real Life Training

CBC did a lot to prepare me for ministry. There were so many opportunities that I was given to grow as a pastor. From being able to put together student-led worship services, to preaching throughout the denomination, and working with Dr. Porter for a couple of years on staff. CBC allowed me to “cut my teeth” so to speak in so many areas of ministry. CBC also prepared me to be able to know what I believed and why I believed it.

A Unique Culture

When I think back on my time on campus, I think about the books that I read, conversations I had, debates I got into and more that helped shape my theology and give me a passion to help lead others in that capacity as well. Because of that, I will always look back on my time at CBC as a proving ground. It was a unique culture with a home atmosphere that pushed me to grow in so many ways – ministry, friendship, personally, as a Christian, and more.

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