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CBC Student Story


Reagan Fellers

I am a senior Elementary Education major at Central Baptist College. There were many factors going in my decision of choosing CBC. First, I knew I wanted to attend a college that shared my same beliefs. I grew up attending a private Christian school, and I knew I wanted to continue receiving a Christian education to help me grow stronger in my relationship with Christ. Another factor contributing to my decision was that I wanted somewhere that was away from home, but not too far so that I could easily go home for a weekend if I desired.

My Experience

My favorite experience at CBC was Hall Wars my freshman year. Although I knew all the girls on my floor, we never really talked or knew one another until this event. This event really helped me to become involved with different people outside of my friend group and become closer to the friends I had already made. Another great part about Hall Wars was the Lip Sync Battle. Although my floor’s song did not go as planned, it was still a great experience and something that I will remember forever. The best part about Hall Wars though? My floor won! I believe every student should participate in Hall Wars because it will become one of their favorite memories from CBC.

My Plans       

After I graduate and receive my teaching certification, I plan on moving to Alaska to teach. Although I am sad to be leaving Arkansas, I will forever be grateful for the preparation provided by the education department and for the wonderful education teachers I had the honor of sitting under for years. Both Dr. Gammill and Mrs. Clark are amazing teachers and individuals. Throughout the years, they have seen me grow into my own person and have become great mentors and basically second moms. I will always be grateful for how much these ladies cared for me and invested in me during my time here.

Campus Life

Although I have not been as involved this year with on-campus activities as I have in the past due to my busy schedule, I try to attend as many sporting events as I can. My family is a dedicated basketball family, so I try to attend as many basketball games as possible. I also participated in intramural basketball for several years, which was something I always enjoyed and anticipated. Lastly, I love to play ping pong. Since I do not live on campus anymore, I rarely go over to the dorms to play, but it is something I enjoyed and could actually win!

CBC, A Place to Call Home

To me, CBC is a place I can forever call HOME.  I have developed many cherished friendships throughout my years here that I know will last a lifetime. The professors here truly care about each and every student and anyone could easily see this. No matter if you have had a professor once or six times, they will still check on you and make sure you are doing okay. Once I graduate, I will deeply miss CBC and all of the memories I have made here. I have gone through many ups and downs while attending this college, but I am so glad God has placed me here and has shaped me into the person I am today through all the wonderful people that make up CBC.

Written by Reagan Fellers

To learn more about Central Baptist College visit cbc.edu/WhyCBC

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