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CBC Student Story


My name is Sophie Davis. I am a freshman at Central Baptist College and  I am a Business Administration major.

My Journey to CBC

It was not until the spring semester of my senior year in high school that I found Central Baptist College. I was considering many other colleges, but nothing really felt like home yet. From the very beginning my CBC experience has been nothing but personable. Everyone at CBC was very helpful in getting me enrolled for the fall semester despite applying in February. I started bonding with my admissions counselor which made the college journey even better.

A Home Away from Home

I want to talk about more than just the basics of college. Yes, college is about getting a great education and enjoying your time while doing it. But one area that CBC does so well is creating a family experience. A home away from home. I love walking through campus every day and seeing all my friends as I pass by. Friends that play different sports and perform in choir or band. My classes are small enough so I can develop relationships with my classmates and professors. Nothing feels better than the feeling of being known. We are all one big family here at CBC.

Hands on Experience

As a leadership scholar student, I get the privilege to represent my school with the amazing opportunity to work in the Admissions Office. It’s hands on experience like no other. On top of that it provided me a scholarship.

Campus Life

One of my favorite things my first semester was M.U.D. Week (Mustangs Under Development). It is an orientation week prior to the start of classes that is focused on bonding with other incoming freshmen. I built friendships that I still have today, and it really made me feel even more comfortable with the college transition. There are many other things at CBC that I have enjoyed over the past semester. Ping-pong games in the Dickson Hall lobby, hanging out at our loud library, playing intramural softball, and going to basketball games. All of which I have enjoyed alongside friends at CBC.

A Great Fit

CBC has provided me an opportunity for an education that suits my needs better than any other school. Saying that I am blessed to go here is an understatement! It is a pure joy to represent this school and the core values it has. God is at the center of our education and they strongly uphold that claim. I even have professors who have a little devotion and prayer before each class. It is something we often take for granted but I am so thankful for. A highlight of my day is when I get to see President Kimbrow, or TK as he is known to students. He is such a kind-hearted man who will take time out of his day for anyone. A true leader for our school.


I am so thankful that I am on my college journey at CBC. Surrounded by a community that bigger schools cannot provide. All while being in the beautiful town of Conway, Arkansas. I strongly advise everyone to check out CBC and come get a tour from me. Go Mustangs!

To start your college journey at Central Baptist College just like Sophie. Visit cbc.edu/WhyCBC to schedule a visit and apply.

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