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Business Courses

BUS 2300
Accounting Principles I
Analysis and recording of business transactions in the journal; posting to the ledger; preparing a trial balance, worksheet, income statement, and balance sheet; adjusting, closing and reversing entries; reconciling bank statements; calculating interest on notes, depreciation, and inventories. Prerequisite: Sophomore classification or permission of instructor. Fall

BUS 2301
Accounting Principles II
A continuation of BUS 2300. Emphasis upon partnerships and corporations. Prerequisite: BUS 2300 with a grade of C or better.  Spring

BUS 2311
Business Statistics
Topics in mathematical statistics as applied to business, including frequency distribution, descriptive statistics, interpretation of data, and probability. Prerequisite: MTH 1303 with a grade of C or higher.  Spring

BUS 3303
Legal Environment of Business
Contracts, agency, negotiable instruments, property, wills, deeds, mortgages, employer-employee relations, bailments, and carriers. Prerequisite: BUS 2300 and ECO 2300 or ECO 2301.  Fall

BUS 3305
Financial Management
A study of the basic principles of the financial management of an organization, including valuation of the organization, working capital management, and capital budgeting.  On Demand

BUS 3323
Business Communications
Oral and written communications for the modern office environment. Practice in com­posing various types of letters, written and oral business reports, and employment messages. Prerequisite: ENG 1300 with a grade of C or higher.  Fall

BUS 4310
International Business
A study of the operations of multinational firms and international business transactions, including theories and practices in international trade, strategies of multinational firm, and issues in managing international operations.   Rotation – See Department Chair

CPS 2304
Computer Applications
A study and practice of word processing, financial spread-sheet, and presentation soft­ware on personal computers.  Fall, Spring

CPS 3300
Management Information Systems
An introduction to the development, implementation, and management of information systems throughout the organization. Examines the integration of information systems as a tool in business operations and decision-making. Prerequisite: Department Chair approval. 

Rotation – See Department Chair

ECO 2300
Principles of Economics I: Macroeconomics
A study of national and international issues in economics, including inflation, unemployment, monetary and fiscal policy, and international trade. Prerequisite: MTH 1303 with a grade of C or higher.  Fall

ECO 2301
Principles of Economics II: Microeconomics
A study of consumer and producer behavior, including production and cost theory, market structure, and government’s role in business operation. Prerequisite: MTH 1303 with a grade of C or higher.  Spring

MGT 3300
Principles of Management
A study of the functions managers fulfill within a business organization, the behavior of individuals within an organization, and theories of business management.  Rotation – See Department Chair

MGT 4310
Production and Operations Management
A study of the management of production and operations function of the organization. Includes study of quality management, facilities planning and management, forecasting, resource planning, scheduling, and inventory planning and control.  Rotation – See Department Chair

MGT 4315
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
A study of the management of small business firms with a focus on the development of entrepreneurial talents and decision-making abilities. Includes study of business plans, growth strategies, marketing plans, human resource issues, and strategic management for small and family-owned businesses.  Rotation – See Department Chair

MGT 4320
Human Resource Management
A study of the human resource function of the organization, including recruitment, selection, placement, training, compensation, evaluation, and termination of human resources.  Rotation – See Department Chair

MGT 4325
Organizational Behavior
A study of the behavior of individuals and groups within the organization. Includes workforce diversity, perception, motivation, job design, stress, group dynamics, power and conflict, decision-making, organizational culture, and organizational change. 

Rotation – See Department Chair

MGT 4335
A study of the principles and practice of leadership. Includes theories of leadership, ethical issues that affect leaders, power, teamwork, motivation, and diversity.  Rotation – See Department Chair

MGT 4340
Business Strategy and Policy
A capstone course for business majors to be taken during their final year. A writing-intensive course that integrates prior course work and student work experience and includes case studies of current businesses and business issues. Prerequisites: senior status and consent of the Department Chair.  Rotation – See Department Chair

MKT 3300
Principles of Marketing
A study of the development and implementation of a marketing plan that effectively presents the organization’s product offerings to potential customers and the leads to mutually beneficial exchanges. Prerequisite: Department Chair approval.  

Rotation –See Department Chair

MKT 4315
Consumer Behavior
A study of the individual and cultural aspects of consumer decision-making, purchase patterns, and motivation. Includes market segmentation, marketing strategy, and customer loyalty. Prerequisite: Department Chair approval.  Rotation – See Department Chair

MKT 4320
Advertising and Promotion
A study of promotional strategies and methods and their effectiveness. Includes publicity and sales, advertising design, advertising concepts, campaign strategy, media mix, advertising research, and the relationship of advertising to the marketing mix. Prerequisite: Department Chair approval.  Rotation – See Department Chair

MKT 4325
A study of the management of the contemporary retail organization. Includes retail strategy, store location, merchandise management, pricing strategy, human resource issues, customer service, and e-commerce strategies. Prerequisite: Department Chair approval.
Rotation – See Department Chair

MKT 4335
Marketing Research
A study of the application of research methodology to marketing. Includes problem identification, research design, data collection and analysis, and presentation of results. Emphasis on the use of marketing research in the planning and decision-making processes of the organization.  Rotation – See Department Chair

MTH 1370
Business Calculus
Exponential functions, mathematics of finance; systems of linear equations, linear inequalities and linear programming; limits, derivatives, and integrals; business calculus applications including marginal analysis, extrema and concavity of functions of one and several variables. Prerequisite: MTH 1303 with a grade of C or higher.
Rotation – See Department Chair


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