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Behavioral Science

What is Behavioral Science?


A degree in Behavioral Science trains students to understand and help hurting people. 


Students will be equipped to be able to work in a wide range of careers and ministries in social services. Students will also be prepared to continue their education at the graduate level. 

Graduates will be able to demonstrate the following: 

  • An ability to integrate sound psychology with sound theology. 

  • A working knowledge of major psychological, emotional, and relational problems. 

  • An ability to assist people with various psychological, emotional, and relational problems. 

  • An ability to assist people in times of crisis.

  • An understanding of how people interact in marriages, families, and groups. 

Behavioral Science Department Degree

  • Psychology and Social Services 

  • Psychology and Counseling 


Both are offered as either a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree. The BS degrees include nine hours of research and statistics courses related to social services, while the BA degrees allow students to take nine hours of a foreign language. Psychology and Social Services majors may choose to complete the Counseling minor for a full complement of courses in the Behavioral Science department. 


Likewise, Psychology and Counseling majors may choose to complete the Social Services minor. Students who major in a different department altogether are encouraged to consider the Christian Care minor to supplement their coursework. 


All students in the Behavioral Science department are required to complete 120 hours of field experience during one semester of their junior or senior year. Each student’s field experience is unique and will be tailored to the needs and interests of both the student and the participating organization or agency. The primary objective is for students to serve people with some sort of need and to do so face-to-face whenever possible.


Dr. D headshot.jpg

Dr. Deandriea Bass-Carrigan

Behavioral Science Chair /

Professor of Psychology & Counseling

(501) 205-8836

Cooper Complex KB105

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