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The list below indicates all courses available through the Online Studies Department at Central Baptist College in addition to the Online Degrees. Courses offered each semester will vary. Please consult the Online Class Schedule for current semester offerings and all of our Bible courses online accredited. Online courses are available to all enrolled students (Traditional, PACE or Online Studies) in addition to Transient Students.

Individual Courses Available

Leadership & Ministry

BIB 1300
Survey of the Old Testament
General introductions to the Bible, its supernatural origin and its literary structure and composition. A survey of the major periods of Old Testament history from the creation to the Post-Exilic Era, with stress on the divine mission of the Messianic race.

BIB 1301
Survey of the New Testament
A continuation of Bible 1300. Brief review of the Inter-Biblical Period and a survey of Christianity during the first century. Special emphasis on the divine origin of the church, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the authority of the New Testament in the work of the churches.

BIB 2300
Life of Christ
A study in the life of Christ as revealed in the four Gospels: His person and character, His travels, His teaching and the miracles, and His methods of dealing with people.

BIB 2301
The Life of Paul
Paul’s background, conversion and call to service, missionary activity, and letters.

BIB 2308
Interpreting the Bible
Survey and evaluation of the various methods of interpreting the Scriptures. Required of all ministerial students.

BIB 3300
The Pentateuch
The first five books of the Bible. The creation, fall and redemption of man, the relation of Jesus and the church to the law.

BIB 3303
Pastoral Epistles
I Timothy, II Timothy, and Titus, their background, authorship, relationship to the body of Pauline literature and the New Testament.

BIB 4300
Biblical Archaeology
The principal archaeological discoveries of the ancient Near Eastern world, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, and their bearing upon the study of the Bible.

BIB 4340
An in-depth analysis of the prophecy of Isaiah. Special attention to the historical set­ting, the prophecies of the immediate and extended future of the covenant people; the Christological content of the Messianic prophecies; and the ethical content of the book.

BIB 4355
A study of Paul, the city of Rome, and the letter to the Romans.

MIS 4301
A survey of the basic scriptural principles for personal and mass evangelism, Ways and means of soul-winning the nature of sin, the meaning and necessity of divine grace, the act and meaning of personal commitment to Christ, and present trends in evangelism.

MGT 4335
A study of the principles and practice of leadership. Includes theories of leadership, ethical issues that affect leaders, power, teamwork, motivation, and diversity. Prerequisites: ACC 2300, CPS 2304, ECO 2300, 2301 with a “C” or higher. Sports Management Minor Prerequisite: PED 1300.

RED 2300
Principles and Practices of Teaching
This course provides practical instruction for the teaching ministry of the church. Topics include introduction to Bible teaching use of methods and techniques, prepara­tion and presentation of lessons and disciplining students.

RED 3300
The Educational Program of the Church
This course instructs how to set up a Christian educational program in the local church-organization and administration. It teaches how to discover, recruit, and train teachers. Curriculum design is presented, support services are explored and methods of publici­ty are considered.

PST 3340
Basic Counseling Skills
An introduction to the essential skills needed for effective counseling. Students will spend a significant amount of time practicing basic counseling skills through role playing and real-life interactions with critical review by both peers and the instructor. Students may also review video counseling vignettes and written case studies.

PST 4360
Church Leadership
This course will be taught in four modules: church leadership principles; church administration, including staff and human resource relations; family leadership; and church and personal financial administration.

PST 4305
Basic Church Growth
Basic principles of church growth including multiplication and planting, leadership of the Holy Spirit, causes of stagnation, introversion, expansion, leadership training, and indigenous principles.

PST 4309
Modern Cults
History, philosophy, and methods with emphasis on witnessing.

THE 2300
Christian Doctrine
A study of the major and fundamental doctrines of the Bible.

THE 3311
Theology I
A study of three major doctrines in the area of systematic theology: Theology, the doc­trine of God; Christology, the doctrine of Christ; Pneumatology, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

THE 3312
Theology II
A study of four major doctrines in the area of systematic theology: Angelology, the doc­trine of angels; Harmartiology, the doctrine of sin; Anthropology, the doctrine of man; Soteriology, the doctrine of salvation.

THE 3314
A study of the defense of Christianity against criticism and distortion and a presenta­tion of the evidences of its intellectual credibility. It considers what Christians believe in the face of heretical tendencies and offers an explication of its basis in rationality. Christianity will be studied in the light of the various world views and philosophies and within a biblical framework.

General Education

BlO 1400
Biology for General Education
A survey of the basic processes and principles of plant and animal life. Designed to acquaint students with their environment and their dependence upon living things. For students not planning to major in biology or those who feel they need an intro­ductory course before taking other courses in the biological field. Required in all cur­ricula unless otherwise specified. Lecture and lab.

CPS 2304
Computer Applications
A study and practice of word processing, financial spreadsheet, database, and presentation soft­ware on personal computers.

ENG 1300
Composition I
Reading and writing essays for a variety of purposes and audiences. Study of grammar incorporated into the study of composition.
Competency of standard written English skills assessed at beginning and end of term.
Prerequisite: Minimum of 19 on the ACT English Subscore or completion of ENG 0300 with grade of C or higher.

ENG 1301
Composition II
A continued study of effective composition with an emphasis on persuasion and scholarly research. Research papers required.
Prerequisite: ENG 1300 with a grade of C or higher.

ENG 2301
English Literature II
British literature from the 18th century to the present. Literary themes, authors, and historical influences on the literature studied.
Prerequisite: ENG 1300 with a grade of C or higher.

ENG 2303
World Literature II
A survey of world literature from the Enlightenment through Modernism. Particular attention given to the understanding of thematic trends, cultural develop­ments, and comparative analysis of the major authors. Includes readings from the Enlightenment, the Romantic Period, Realism, Naturalism, and the Modern Era.
Prerequisite: ENG 1300 with a grade of C or higher.

HIS 2300
American Nation I
A survey of the interplay of social, economic, and political forces that have brought about the development of the American nation.

HIS 4304
Arkansas History
Development of Arkansas as a state with attention given the development of Southern institutions and a treatment of Arkansas as a mirror of the greater happenings in the nation itself.

MTH 1303
College Algebra
Basic concepts of sets and set relations, the fundamental properties of real numbers, fundamental processes, equations, inequalities, absolute value, graphs, and functions.
Prerequisite: Minimum math subscore of 19 on the ACT or MTH 0300 with a grade of C or higher.

MTH 0400
Algebra Fundamentals
A remedial course designed specifically to prepare PACE students for MTH 1303 College Algebra. This course includes but is not limited to the following concepts: basic mathematics, operations of signed numbers, polynomials and exponents. Also, the fundamental operations of Intermediate Algebra are studied to include but not be limited to real numbers, radical equations, linear equations and graphs.
Students must earn a grade of C or higher in this course to take MTH 1303 College Algebra.

MUS 2300
Music Appreciation
Music, its origin and development. Illustration through recorded instrumental and vocal music. Relationship of music to other arts, literature, and the social sciences. For non-music majors only.

PED 2300
Personal and Community Health
Basic concepts and principles of healthy lifestyles are explored in order to provide a better understanding of the importance of personal health in enhancing the quality of life. Emphasis is placed on making responsible decisions regarding cardiovascular fitness, body composition, strength training, and proper diet. Students are required to complete an activity log for two months to demonstrate adherence to healthy lifestyle principles.

PHI 2308
Fundamental ethical theories and major figures in the history of ethics are studied; basic concepts of moral and social issues are discussed, and decision-making is explored.

PHY 1404
Physical Science for General Education
Basic principles of physical science including physics, chemistry, astronomy and weather. Lecture and lab.

POS 2300
American Government
A survey of national, state and local governments, with emphasis on constitutional principles and significant contemporary trends and problems.

PSY 1300
General Psychology
An introductory survey course to the field of psychology. It covers a wide scope of subjects including the scientific method, biology, perception, consciousness, learning, memory, intelligence, motivation, stress, emotions, development, personality theory, therapy, and abnormal behavior. Theological issues related to various topics are also explored.

SOC 2300
Introductory Sociology
A study of the basic principles and concepts of the origin and development of society and of the forms, institutions, and functions of human groups.

SPH 2300
Oral Communications
Basic principles of oral communication, including group and individual presentations. Designed to develop effective oral communication skills needed in the modern world.