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CBC Tower Media Wins Awards at State Journalism Conference

April 10, 2018

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Central Baptist Colleges Tower Media won 31 awards at the Arkansas College Media Association annual conference April 6 at Henderson State University. Receiving awards for the Tower print newspaper were Haley Lingenfelter, Feature Photo, third place; Pranay Borde, Sports Photo, third place; Allison Bisher, Art/Illustration, honorable mention; Tower Staff, Headlines, honorable mention; and Tower Staff, Editorial Page Layout, honorable mention. 

Tower web newspaper awards went to Shelby Redmond, Election/Political, first place and Articles/Arts & Entertainment, first place; Hunter Crass, Editorials/Commentary, first place; Jessica Sawyer, Breaking News, second place; Tower Staff, Headlines, second place; Dale Fish, Video Podcast, second place; Jake Tyson, Editorials/Commentary, third place; Alejandro Mendoza, Reviews/Arts & Entertainment, third place; Jessica Sawyer, Articles/Arts & Entertainment, third place; Hunter Crass, Headlines, third place; Blair Courtney, Feature Writing, third place; and Shelby Redmond, Articles/Arts & Entertainment, honorable mention. 

The 2017 Carillon yearbook awards received were Luke Smith, Academics Writing, first place; Mary Rice, Academics Photo, first place; Carillon Staff, Writing/Organization, first place; Allison Bisher, Sports Photo, first place and Sports Photo, second place; Allison Bisher, Feature Photo, second place; Carillon Staff, Closing, second place; Carillon Staff, Divider, third place; Carillon Staff, Academics Photo, third place; Carillon Staff, Opening, third place; Shelby Cuthbertson, Academics Writing, third place; Carillon Staff, Academic Layout, third place; Carillon Staff, Student Life Layout, third place; Carillon Staff, Student Life Writing, honorable mention; and Carillon Staff, Layout/Organization, honorable mention. Tower Media editors are Jake Tyson, Tower print newspaper; Jessica Sawyer, Tower web newspaper, and Addie Bender and Macaela Shieldnight, 2017 Carillon yearbook co-editors. Ann Gardner and Angela Wiser are faculty advisers.

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