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Central Baptist College Announces Student Academic Awards

May 18, 2020

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(Conway, Arkansas May 18, 2020) Central Baptist College is pleased to announce student Academic Awards for the 2019-2020 academic year. Traditionally, the College hosts an Academic Awards Ceremony in late April, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, CBC faculty notified students individually. 

The Bible Department presented the Zondervan Greek Language Award to Melody (Siebenmann) Turner. This award is given to the senior that excels in the study of the Greek language of the New Testament and is given in conjunction with Zondervan Publishing. The award was presented by Dr. Joel Slayton, Bible Department Chair and Professor of Bible and Biblical Studies. 

The Business Department presented two awards, the Outstanding Graduate Award and the Servant Leadership Award. The Outstanding Graduate Award was given to Kelsey Knox, and the Servant Leadership Award was given to Kaylee St. John. The Outstanding Graduate Award is given to a student with exceptional academic performance, along with demonstration of personal characteristics that will help make this person successful in his/her career such as attendance, attitude, responsibility, and group activities. Kelsey Knox completed her degree in Business with an emphasis in Management in December 2019, graduating in only 7 semesters. In addition to her degree requirements, Knox completed a Spanish minor and was a member of the CBC Lady Mustangs Volleyball team. Dr. Beth Cantrell, Business Department Chair and Professor of Business, said, Kelsey was dependable and hard working in classes, and she was always a valued participant in any group project. The Servant Leadership Award is given to a student who, through his/her service to others, is a positive influence on other people. Kaylee St. John completed her degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. St. John completed her internship with Life Choices as a volunteer where her work and attitude were praised, and she was also a member of the CBC Lady Mustangs Softball team. She recently accepted a position with New Life Church Pine Bluff. Dr. Beth Cantrell said, Kaylee has a heart for other people and for the advancement of the kingdom of God. 

The Communication Department presented two awards, Outstanding Oral Communication Student and Outstanding Communication Student. The Outstanding Oral Communication Student was awarded to Heidi Haynes, and the Outstanding Communication Student was awarded to Hannah London. The Outstanding Oral Communication Student is presented by Chad Smith, Assistant Professor of Communication, to a student who effectively honed their public speaking skills over the course of the semester. Heidi Haynes also displayed kindness and a positive attitude to everyone around them. The Outstanding Communication Student is presented by Ann Gardner, Communication Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Communication, to a student on the basis of character, scholarship, proficiency in practical journalism, and significant contribution to the department. According to Mrs. Gardner, Hannah London has put forth much effort in all Communication classes and has also done an excellent job as the Social Media Editor for Tower Media. 

The Education Department presented the Promising Teacher Award to Caleb Long in recognition of his commitment to K-12 education and outstanding potential as a teacher. Education Department Chair and Professor of Education, Dr. Delena Gammill said, Caleb exemplifies every quality necessary to be an excellent and effective teacher: intelligent, very strong communication skills, well organized, observant, thoughtful, knowledgeable, concerned for all learners, adaptable, caring, always well prepared, and great at building relationships. He is truly a lifelong learner who delights in new ideas. 

The Kinesiology Department presented the Kinesiology Student of the Year award to Levi Rutherford. This award is chosen by Kinesiology Department faculty based on class participation, overall GPA, departmental GPA, and personal character. Dr. Aaron Brister, Kinesiology Department Chair and Professor of Kinesiology, said, The Kinesiology Department is proud to give our Kinesiology Student of the Year award to Levi Rutherford. Levi is an excellent student. He is very diligent and studious. He strives for excellence and is a great representation of what our college stands for. He loves the Lord and portrays great character and integrity. It is our privilege to honor Levi with this award. 

The Math and Science Department presented the Outstanding Science Graduate to Destinee Marvel. This award is determined by the vote of the department faculty. The Outstanding Student in Mathematics was awarded to Foster Rash. The awards were announced by Dr. Elizabeth Gomez, Division Chair for Natural & Social Sciences and Professor of Chemistry. 

The Social Studies Department presented the John L. Ferguson Award to Jessica Sawyer. The John L. Ferguson Award is named for CBC's first Social Studies Department instructor and chair who taught at CBC from 1952 to 1956 Ferguson would later become Arkansas's state historian and the director of the Arkansas History Commission and State Archives, holding that position for forty-five years, until his retirement in 2005. The John L. Ferguson Award is given to a student who has demonstrated a passion for history as well as a superior knowledge of the historical method  discovering the facts and relating those facts in either a paper or presentation. According to Dr. Dusty Bender, Social Studies Department Chair and Professor of History, Sawyer was selected based on her consistent scholarship observed by all members of the department. The Central Baptist College administration, faculty, and staff congratulate all of these students on their academic achievements! 

Central Baptist College is a four-year, private, liberal arts college owned and operated by the Baptist Missionary Association of Arkansas. CBC offers approximately 40 baccalaureate degree programs, 16 athletic teams that compete in the AMC conference of the NAIA, and 6 fine arts performance groups. For more information about CBC visit or call 501-329-6872. 

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