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Central Baptist College Hires Vice President for Finance

February 12, 2024

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Central Baptist College Hires Vice President for Finance

Central Baptist College (CBC) is pleased to announce the addition of Nelson Ortiz, Vice President for Finance.

After coming to the US from Paraguay in 1995, Ortiz received his Bachelor of Marketing from Ouachita Baptist University and his Master of Public Administration from Arkansas State University. Ortiz has over 20 years of experience in the field of finance having spent several years working in the United States and in Paraguay. Most recently, Ortiz worked at Asuncion Christian Academy in Asuncion, Paraguay beginning as the Christian Education Coordinator before becoming the Director of Finance and Operations in 2010. During his time in the US, Ortiz held many positions working most recently as the Director of Educational Services for the Arkansas Board of Election Commissioners in 2008.

Ortiz was also heavily involved at First Baptist Church in Asuncion as Chair of the Church Council and Finance Committee and as a Sunday School teacher.

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