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Central Baptist College Students Honored at Academic Awards Ceremony

April 30, 2019

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Central Baptist College students were honored at the Academic Awards Ceremony held on Friday, April 26th in the Burgess Auditorium. In addition to departmental academic awards, the Alpha Chi National Honor society induction was held. 

The Bible Department presented two awards: The Jesse Thomas Christian Service Award and the AD Livingston Evangelism Award. Given in honor of Dr. Jesse Thomas, a long time CBC professor and pastor, the Jesse Thomas Christian Service Award is given to students based on their outstanding Christian service, not only in the classroom, but also in their church and community work. This year, four students were awarded: Nathaniel Lawrence, Zac Lee, Austin Lewis, and Landon Riddle. The AD Livingston Evangelism Missions award is given for outstanding work in the area of missions and missions endeavors. This year's awardee was Jessica Hager. 

The Business Department presented the Outstanding Graduate Award to Baker Wilson. The Servant Leadership Award is given to a student who meets the following criteria: leadership by service, placing needs of followers above their own, active listening, empathy, and community building. This year's Servant Leadership Award was presented to Mallory Davis. In addition the Business Department recognized several students for Academic Honors in Business. These students were recognized for their strong work ethic and are the kind of students you would want to hire. Students recognized for Academic Honors in Business were Roberts Biss, Mackenzie Crocker, Mallory Davis, Michael Landis, Eduard Millan, Chad Waller, Baker Wilson, and Jade Woodrome. 

The Education Department gave their Promising Teacher Award to Reagan Goode in recognition of her commitment o K-12 education and outstanding potential as a teacher. 

The Communication Department presented the Outstanding Student in Oral Communication, an award given to a student who effectively honed their public speaking skills over the course of the semester.This student also displayed kindness and a positive attitude to everyone around them. The Outstanding Student in Oral Communication was presented to Sydney Hawkins. The Outstanding Student in Communication is presented on the basis of character, scholarship, proficiency in practical journalism and significant contribution tothe department. The Outstanding Student in Communication was presented to Haley Lingenfelter. The Communication Department also recognized students serving as editors or managers of Tower Media staffs. Those students and their editor or manager position were: Haley Lingenfelter, Tower photo editor Jocelyn Waters and Melody Siebenmann, Tower newspaper editors Elliot Bender, Tower Radio station manager Jessica Sawyer, Tower Web editor Melody Siebenmann, Carillon yearbook editor 

The Math and Science Department presented the Organic Chemistry award to Austin Smith, the Outstanding Senior in Science Award to both Hattie Horton and Kassidy Irwin, and the Outstanding Student in Mathematics to Elliot Bender. The top scorers on the Departmental Assessment Exam were also recognized. Those students were Kassidy Irwin, Destinee Marvel, and Averi Ratliff. 

The Kinesiology Department presented the Kinesiology Award to Parker Roberts. 

The Fine Arts Department presented the Outstanding Piano Recital Award to Ruth Cheng and the Outstanding Voice Recital Award to Maxwell Sullivan. 

Additionally, four students were elected to the Alpha Chi Society. Alpha Chi is a national, interdisciplinary organization that recognizes excellence, character, and service. Over 300 institutions across the national hold Alpha Chi charters. In order to be inducted, students must be invited, have junior or senior status, have completed a minimum of 30 semester hours at their home institution, and have a grade point average (GPA) in the top 10% of GPAs in the institution. The 2019 Alpha Chi inductees were Britni Elder, Macey Hay, Bryce McGhee, and Levi Rutherford. Students on the Dean's List and President's List from the Fall 2018 were also recognized. The Central Baptist College administration, faculty, and staff congratulate all of these students on their academic achievements!

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