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Horvat, Crocker Attend Arkansas Student Leadership Forum

October 26, 2017

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Hopi Horvat and Mackenzie Crocker received the opportunity to participate in the Arkansas Student Leadership Forum from Oct. 12-14, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Little Rock. Horvat and Crocker were nominated by campus administrators and other community leaders to represent Central Baptist College at the forum. �The biggest lesson I learned at the forum is to be bold and approach life with boldness,� said Horvat. �Mindset is everything. We also had a speaker come in that emphasized truth and grace. It was nice to be refreshed on how important those two things are in life.� Students from 17 colleges around Arkansas attended the forum, which began with a �What is ASLF� session on Oct. 12 and ended with Evaluations on Oct. 14. Community leaders and other ASLF alumni spoke at the event, which was modeled after the leadership of Jesus. �I learned how valuable a good leader is in any organization,� said Crocker. �There were two big statements that I took away from this and apply to my leadership at CBC and in life. The first was: �A leader should never be in front of a group expecting them to follow, instead, they should be at the center, amongst the people, leading the people themselves. The second statement was �Never lose the �Wow!� by getting to the �How?� too soon��. Other opportunities that stem from ASLF are a nine-month post graduate internship in Washington, DC, and a Congressional Fellows internship program also in DC.
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