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November 21, 2019

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Conway, Ark. (Nov. 21, 2019) The Central Baptist College Department of Sciences and Mathematics hosted their ninth annual white coat ceremony on Friday, Nov. 15, in the Mitchell Lecture Hall inside the Watkins Building. Seven outstanding students in the field of science and math were given their white coats at the ceremony. The seven students receiving their white coats were Health Sciences major Madison Bowlan, Biology major Halley Cain, Health Sciences major Kaleb Coffman, Biology major D.J. Harmon, Health Sciences major Cirsten Lee, Health Sciences major Cora Lentz and Biology major Brooke Trout. 

They were selected as outstanding by their professors and were presented with their white coats by several former inductees. Earning a white coat is a rite of passage, said Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Gary McAllister. It also symbolizes high expectations. It shows our students the importance of their studies and it teaches them to love others and how to be compassionate. This shows the love of Christ, as He was compassionate toward others. 

Judy Gabbard, Chair of the Department of Sciences and Mathematics, gave the invocation, which was followed by the welcome from Dr. McAllister. Dr. Joshua Kwekel, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, then presented the honorees with a charge. We are so proud of you, Kwekel began. It is my purpose to motivate these students to continue in their educational journey, first by way of reminder and second by way of encouragement. There are certain things that go along with being at Central Baptist College and being a Christian in the sciences. You are in a very unique and challenging culture. Science and faith are often viewed as antithetical events that do not agree with each other. 

We often hear how science tries to remove the need for faith and a belief in God. I would like to remind you of two important things: 1. We have a long line of Christians that have made significant scientific discoveries and 2. The Bible provides us with an accurate, reliable world view. It is a map of reality that really works. As you continue your careers, which began here in the CBC Department of Sciences and Mathematics, we want you to remember a little history and that you value the Biblical perspective of the world and are motivated by the love of your fellow man and for God. You will be challenged, you will be frustrated and you will question things that you have been taught, but know this: as you have a sure foundation in what this college represents we are proud to be able to send students like you out into the graduate school and to the workplace. 

Kwekel also quoted Scriptures such as Romans 8:19-22 during his charge. Following the presentation and introduction of the students by Division Chair of Natural & Social Sciences and Professor of Chemistry Dr. Elizabeth Gomez, Dr. Mi-Seon Seong, Associate Professor of Biology, gave the benediction. For more information about the Department of Sciences at Mathematics at Central Baptist College visit or contact the Central Baptist College Admissions Office at either or 501-329-6873.

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