Autism Spectrum Assistance Program | Central Baptist College

Autism Spectrum Assistance Program

The Autism Spectrum Assistance Program (ASAP) is a one year program for students with Autism who are interested in attending college and want additional support. ASAP provides intense academic and social support during the student’s first year of college. In addition to receiving appropriate accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, students will receive an individual peer mentor who invites them to college events and helps them navigate student life. ASAP students attend a weekly group session with a licensed counselor and receive individual academic coaching from the Disability Support Services Coordinator.

Acceptance into the ASAP program will be considered after the following is provided:
Application for Admission into Central Baptist College
ACT Scores (Students must meet the minimum ACT requirements for admission.)
Neuropsychological evaluation report with diagnosis
Most recent Individual Education Plan (IEP)
Letter of recommendation from the student’s high school counselor or teacher
Application to ASAP

Prospective ASAP students will be interviewed by the Disability Support Services Coordinator. Students admitted into the program will have an additional $500 fee per semester. For additional information please contact Paula Bender, Disability Support Services Coordinator, at or (501) 205-8926.

Click here for ASAP Application