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Dr. Miseon Seong

Associate Professor of Biology

I was born and raised in South Korea. After I earned a BS and MS in Biology at KonKuk university in Seoul, I moved to the USA and earned PhD in Biology at Texas A&M University. I have taught General Biology class as an adjunct faculty for several years at University of Central Arkansas and for two years at University of Arkansas Community College Morrilton before joining Central Baptist College as a full time faculty.

My research interest is in developmental genetics using Arabidopsisas a model organism. Currently me and my students are working toward Bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC) assay to identify target proteins of the F-box proteins that are expressed differently in different light conditions. F-box proteins regulate diverse cellular processes such as cell cycle transition, transcriptional regulation, and signal transduction. Some F-box proteins involved in the regulation of cancer cells are emerging therapeutic targets for cancer treatment. Understanding the mechanisms of various F-box proteins will allow us to create better F-box protein targeted cancer treatment.

I have been awarded with multiple vouchers from AR INBRE and one voucher from Cell Biology Education Consortium (CBEC), which allowed her students to be involved in advanced research projects.

Ph. D, Texas A&M

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