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Whether you are entering college as a first-time freshman, or returning as a non-traditional working adult student, we have options to meet your educational needs and goals. Central Baptist College is a progressive four-year, private Christian college located in Conway, Arkansas. At Central Baptist, we are a community of learners committed to the integration of Christian faith and academic excellence. Since our founding in 1952, our mission has not changed and focuses on educating the whole person – intellectually, physically, and spiritually. Central Baptist is an accredited, liberal arts college that combines a passion for learning and spiritual development no matter your stage of life. At Central Baptist College, we offer enrichment opportunities for everyone. Click here to explore why CBC is a great higher education value! Or you can view our PACE and Traditional Viewbooks or if you are ready to see our campus you can sign up for a campus tour today!

We also understand that the admissions and financial aid process can be intimidating and challenging. So download this FREE Admissions & Financial Aid Guide that will hopefully help you gain more confidence as you start the process.

Once you get started at Central Baptist College you can then earn grants for each student you refer that enrolls. Click here for more details. If you are ready to get started select the type of student track you would like to pursue from the list below.

Traditional Degree Seeking Students

First-time Freshmen
Transfer Students
International Students

Non-traditional Degree Seeking Students

PACE & Online Studies

Non-degree Seeking Students

Dual Credit High School Students Transient
Human Resource Exam Prep Course